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A local guy offered me two of his lenses ::

Tokina 70-210 F4.5-5.6 and Pentax 135mm f3.5 at C$100 for both. The Tokina is brand new, and Pentax is used. Is that a good deal?


Should I buy both or one of them? Which one?

Resale values? Will I get back my $100 or a bit less or a lot less?

Was the Pentax originally made for film cameras?

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Hi Dolce,

Is the Pentax 135/3.5 the K or M model (the M model will have something like "Pentax SMC M 135mm 1:3.5" engraved in the ring surrounding the front element). The K model won't have the "M". They are both sharp, but the M model is supposed to be an updated optical design and noticeably better, and it's a bit smaller.

The market value for these lenses is probably somewhere @ $80 USD in excellent condition. Both of these are manual focus, manual exposure lenses, so you'd have to manually set the aperture via the ring on the lens, and use the AEL button to meter -- not a big hassle, but you have to decide. Many feel that the build quality of the M series lenses is the best of the Pentax K lenses. I personally like having the exposure automation of A series and later lenses, especially for P-TTL flash use.

I already commented on the Tokina, so I'd say that it's a reasonable deal, but not exceptional. Would you lose a lot of money reselling them? It's doubtful that you'd lose a lot. . . but everything's relative. . .

I'd suggest that you take your camera and try them out in conditions similar to what you'd normally shoot. I'd read up on using a fully manual lens with your body first, making sure you understand the drill. Take the pics back home and look at them on your computer and then decide on either one or both from your results and how you felt the lenses handled.

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i don't think i'd pay 100usd for them. altho the 135 can be resold maybe at 50+ the tokina isn't near as good IQ wise as the smc A70-210which you can get for<100 ebay. ialso had the tokina 70-210 f2.8 amd it wasn't as good as the pentax.

just my 2ยข,
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The Pentax is the K mount type. I think that's a good idea; test both of them and decide. I have been shooting alot in manual focus and of course, some are good and some are not. And I'm in the stage of learning. Will a buy a book soon.

I'm also checking deals on Ebay, but most sellers are from States. Dunno if I could get them shipped before Christmas (I'm going for a holiday). But a local shop is selling a Pentax DA 50-200mm at $149+ taxes. I might just wait, and buy this one before Christmas.
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