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DMJJR wrote:
In my 35mm phase I ended up with (18) lenses (all manual focus) with pk or pka mount. I had (3) Super Programs. When I switched to digital I sold all of these (must have been temporary insanity) but Pentax had not yet offered the Ist D.Now I have the DS &K10D-So far I only have (4) lenses-but another is on the way.
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Janice - that's quite a list! With a lens collection like that you'll save a bunch by going with a Pentax dSLR. I still have my old lenses - the funny thing is that I happily went alongfor 20 years with only 3 lenses (well, 4, but I never used the 24mm 2.8 lens). Now I have a much bigger lens collection and am still wanting several more.
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Shame on all of you - such materialism - how many lenses can you put on one camera atone time? I for one am not at the 5 that cover the 50mm.

Kit 18-55mm

DA 50-200mm (does that count? It's just barely at 50MM)

SMC A 50mm f2. (this doesn't count because I'm going to unload it since I just bought the FA 50mm 1.4 which hasn't arrived yet so it doesn't count either, and it's Ira's fault because his February challenge picture was so good.)

Tamron 70-300 LD Di (not even close to 50mm - and besides, even if it was i didn't buy it for the short end, just to fill in my lust, er need for something at 200 to 300mm)

This is a very modest collection aquired over an extended period of time since I first got into the DSLRtwilight zone11 months ago.

This will complete my needs. Desire, craving, envy, are other matters. Lord help me!


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