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a200user wrote:
There we go again, more Buffalo Bashing.* I recently posted a thread on what a mild winter we're having in Buffalo.* The storm we were supposed to get fizzled out, although the roads got pretty slick for awhile.* The potholes in the roads will offer more resistance to you than the snow this year.

Have a safe trip.

Thanks Jim.
Actually the route I am to pass through Buffalo is very short and does not pose major problem.
Snow cloud only goes from west to east. The problem lies with going north-south (90 degree) snow-prone area for 4-5 hours (route #219 via PA to NJ ). Typically that could drag on longer - say double the driving time. That will be very tiring and in turn dangerous in darker and snowy days.
Driving to and from Boston (end of HWY90) is a lot easier as it will be driving against snow cloud. In the case of commuting between Toronto-Boston, it is easy to plan. All you need is to pull over for 1/2 hours to wait for the snow cloud (re satellite image) to pass.
BTW Amherst has a lot nicer city roads than Buffalo.

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