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When my Bigma is mounted in the K10D there is a slight about of 'play' in the mount. Sometimes the camera will slightly rotate even when locked on the lens. It's very small, but noticable. I haven't had this happen with my other lenses, but maybe that's because they are so light relative to the camera.

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I have the Bigma (2 weeks old), a Sigma 70mm Macro, Pentax 12-24 and 50-200. All 4 lenses exhibit some movement (rotational and angular "play") at the camera mount (K100D). This is just down to manufacturing tolerances, and unless there are any performance issues I wouldn't worry about it.
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Mine doesn't move any but as stated in the other reply the movement is probably due to different tolerances at the manufacturer! As long as the contacts meet and the Autofocus works well I wouldn't worry much. Now Lens creep is one thing that will happen if you don't have the zoom locked down!! LOL Also..If you get an APO teleconverter you cannot mount it till you zoom out to 100mm or more and it will not lock the zoom down till the Converter is removed...Just for your information! I found it out the hard way...LOL

Oh yeah...The K10D has a loosey goosey feel any way when a long lens is mounted but that is just the sensor moving around!

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Thank you both. Everytime it moves I've been thinking - is this OK? Now I know. ALso, I started using the creep lock the first day I hung the lens down.

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My Sigma 135-400 does the same thing on my K10 and DS.

Does not seem to cause any problems but it is a bit disconcerting. In a way I am pleased others have noticed the same thing.


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