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was about to order the da* 50-135 zoom and came accross the tamron 70-200 2.8

do you think its worth the wait or should i go ahead on the pentax

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Interesting question. B&H is saying arrival for the Tamron approx. August. At the moment it's a bit of an unknown. The DA*50-135 is an excellent lens (I love mine and wouldn'ttrade it for the world)and is getting a stellar reputation.

Is it worth waiting for the Tamron?

First, how important is the extra reach of the Tamron? How much would you miss the50-70mm range? If you want a longer lens, then it would make sense to wait.

Second, how important is the weight? The Pentax isn't exactly a light lens at 1.5 lb. but the Tamron is going to be heavier - 2.5 lbs. It's also going to be longer - will it fit in your camera bag? These things may not be important to many people, it isn't like the Tamron is a Bigma or anything. However, since I'm pretty much maxxed out now for size and weight, they enter into my planning.

Third, do you need a lens right now? If so, then it's get the Pentax. If not, then waiting until the Tamron comes out, seeing what it can do and then comparing that to the Pentax might be a good idea. It's not like the DA*50-135 is going to disappear in the near future, so the timetable for buying becomes your needs - do you want to wait?
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the extra zoom it not a must, as i have found over 200 always need some kind of support, i am not a huge fan of toting around a tripod,

i was a littletouched by the weight, and length, always found myself to walk with as little as possible

after all i have read from you and other users, i have been itching to get the 50-135 and now you all talk of the K 20 D . how do i get away from :P

then which one do i get first, or just get both one time, then forget about it until the credit card statement comes and then deal with :P followed by

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At first, I hesitated to comment on your question, dafiryde, simply because the process of decisions I faced so closely mirrors yours. And, while I'm convinced the answers I reached were the right ones for me, they may not be for you, simply because of differences in shooting preferences.

I like to shoot night-time sports and began trying to get one of the Sigma 70-200 f2.8's last fall, but prices were as high as $ 600 over the original cost (I saw them go on ebay for as much as $ 1450), which I refused to pay for a used lens. I finally "settled" on the DA*50-135 in December, as much out of frustration as anything else. When Tamron announced its 70-200 for $699 in January and it immediately appeared for sale on Amazon, I placed an order within two days. After four months of waiting, I got frustrated, cancelled my order, and instead updated my body from a K10 to a K20.

This combination of events, born initially out of frustration, has proved golden for me. The DA*50-135 is far and away my favorite lens and the one I use for the broadest pattern of shooting conditions. Basically, I've gotten to the point that I only take it off my camera when a situation clearly demands another lens.

In buying the K20 my experience has mirrored that of Harriet. The K20 and the 50-135 are a joy to use together.

I haven't given up lusting for a fast 70-200 and I will probably get in line when the Tamron and the promised Sigma HSM version of the lens hit the market later in the year. In the meantime, I'm paying off the credit card bill on the K20 and waiting.

My solution may not be the best for you, but the combination of events has worked out very nicely for me. Just my $ .02 worth.

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