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Here are a few early pics from my newest LBA. I did some light editing with Irfanview (that's all I have here at work).

I haven't done much in the way of testing for sharpness, but I love the amount of distortion you get at 10mm. I guess that is what the 'fisheye' effect is all about. I'm still trying to figure out how people can complain about distortion on a fisheye lens...

One thing I did notice was some pretty bad PF in high contrast situations (seen in the first 3 pics). Stopping down a few clicks seems to get rid of it. At F4.5 it's there, but at 5.6 it's pretty much gone. Even though it was very bright out yesterday at lunchtime, I was surprised at how well this lens performed with the bright overhead sun. I did get it to flare in one pic, but even that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

10mm @ F5 (some PF around the lights on the right)

10mm @ F4.5 (much PF here)

17mm @ F5

10mm @ F8

I think I'm going to like this lens. As long as obvious the PF situations are avoided, it seems to produce some pretty clean images. While I'm not sure whether the amount of use it'll get justifies its price tag ($399.95 @ Buydig.com), it's going to be fun to play with and I'm sure it'll be useful in certain situations. It's such a unique lens that I know I'd regret not having it if I got rid of it. In fact, it's more likely that I will try to create situations where I can put it to good use. The trick is in not overdoing it......which is easy to do with a lens that's this much fun.
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i never really saw the purple fringing until i looked closely for it. the first shot is great!
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welcome to the pentax fisheye club (PFeC ? )

i bought one of these recently and am also haveing a great time with it
it has hardly been off my camera (they cost more down here though )
i really like how sharp it is and the depth of field you can get
and the "in your face" perspective

i too have found pa/ca on strong contrasting areas

keeping your feet out of shot is fun

even your fingers if you manually focus lol

i have to work out how to make a polarising filter to fit

these are great photos, no 1 especialy

looking forward to you posting more
i will hopefully post some again soon

here are my first lot if you want to take a look
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Welcome to the club!!! Its not a lens you can use ALL the time, however I did do a day using it as my only lens. A real learning experience. Once you have it, you start finding additional situations where it does very well - sometimes very unexpectedly.

It appears that I will be on a 10 day trip on a large Navy ship, and I am looking foward to using it extensively on the flight and well decks - during helo and amphib operations. I have quite a few shots in mind that I would like to try. All I have to do is to convience my wife that I need to order the 12-24 so I can compare and contrast the two.

Both the Gym and Church shots are wonderful - and what drove me to order mine.
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I agee that this isa lens that will make you find (or create) situations to use it. I think it will be great for group shots as well as some interesting landscapes.
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