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Daniel has a thread comparing Pentax's 200mm and 300mm lenses with a 1.5 TC. In reading it, a question came to mind (actually several) - as in what is Pentax's product stragety (or do they have one?). They bring out products - like their teleconverters to market that are good and people like them, then they are taken away with out a replacement. Lens come and go, and again with out replacements - like their longer focal lengths, leaving gaps in their product line.

Is there any rhyme or reason to any of this? I like the Pentax products, however their now you see it, then you can no longer get it - does get tired. Its like Ford only producing pickup trucks every few years, for a few months.
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Hi in-ob,
I wouldn't complain too much, at least where you are you get an oppertunity to
get what they make, we here down under have to put up with what "they", the local distributor who happens to be the local Sigma distributor, decide to bring into the country. As and example, I went into one of the big camera stores in Melbourne to check out some lens', no DA* 200, don't know when for the DA*300, but I can pick up a DA*50-135 for the very reasonable price of A$1899.00, which about USA$1700.00, not USA$749 like you get there!

I did get a Pentax 1.7 tc for A$199.00 s/h of course. So It wasn't a completed waste of time.

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As far as I can see Pentax never had a marketing strategy or for that sake even a marketing department. To buy a Pentax you really have to be decided to get one. No one else will tell you where to find it or even that it exists. Maybe that is one of the things to change for the better with Hoya.

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