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I echo what everyone else has said already. i have both the 18-55 and the 50-200 which I have used on my K100D for over a year. With the K100's six megapixel sensor, both lenses are excellent. It makes complete sense that Mtngal has found those lenses dont stand up as well to the K20'smuch greater resolution. I have not looked closely at any shots my wife has taken with the 18-55 on her new K200, so I can't comment on whether that sensor begins to reveal the limitations of either lens.

By the way Mtngal, that photo of the gentleman jumping in front of those wooden barrels is exceptional! You have posted many fine photos here, but that one may be my all time favorite.
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mtngal wrote:
Not my house - that's the lobby of the Copper Queen Hotel, Bisbee Arizona. I can't quite remember, but think it was built in the early 1900's
Yup, that's the Copper Queen (built 1902) all right. I've had many a celebratory meal at their restaurant, especially at outside tables on the stone verandah over Howell St. Next time you're in Bisbee for a few days, ask Karen Brooks at Bisbee Realty about renting our house, the Toland Adobe (built 1888-1902). It's just a couple hundred feet up Shearer St from the CC, with easy parking. You can see pictures (shot on a Sony V1 PnS) here: http://bisbee.klaxo.net/

For those unacquainted with Bisbee, it is a place unique in the US, and along with steep Jerome, is the most scenic town in Arizona. It's a formerly-rich mining town with a huge copper pit, mile-high in mountains at the Sonora Mexico border. The boroughs of Old Bisbee (a National Historic district) and Lowell are almost unbearably photogenic. Old Bisbee, centered around Tombstone Canyon and Brewery Gulch, is set in steep, twisty canyons, traversed by narrow roads and many stone stairways; 1/3 of the homes are accessible ONLY by climbing those stairs.

For various reasons, Bisbee has become a hip (but still cheap) art colony. When I'm in town I'm up at 4am every day, wandering the hills and paths with camera and tripod. I'll be back this spring; I'll take my K20D and about 40 lenses; each day, I'll wander around with a single different lens, working it out. Odd locals, stunned visitors, historic buildings, tons of street art, dramatic geology, mining infrastructure, caves and tunnels, desert mountains and plains, nearby Mexico -- and good air.

OK, end of sales pitch. Y'all come visit now, y'hear?
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You'd probably recognize all but the last of the pictures I posted. The last one is in Frazier Park, but all of the other ones were taken in December when we spent a wonderful week vacationing in Tucson - the studio at Old Tucson, Tombstone's courthouse, and the Pima Air Museum. I'll second the recommendation for visiting Bisbee, we only spent less than a day there this time, but had a wonderful time taking the mine tour (led by former employees of the copper mines in the area) and having a quick lunch at the hotel. It's amazing that its not more well-known.
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