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albreca wrote:
@lesmore49: that would be a nice lens, especially the shift option.
But i am sorry to correct you, the form factor 'largens' the focal length. So fullframe 28mm would be 42mm on your K100D. So in that case it would not be wide lens anymore, but a nice normal lens with really intersting shif option

bye alex


Right, I got mixed up. I'm glad you posted so the OP will see and realize the change a digital will make a wide angle for 35 mm system, into a lens more like a regular lens in focal length.

Thank you for the correction.

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Hi tmam, and welcome to the forum.You start off with agood and interesting picture! You've already got some very good advice here, I'll just add some of my own views.

Firstly, there are two basic categories of lenses. Zoom lenses like the one you have (can zoom from 18 to 55 mm focal length) and fixed focal lenght lenses, called primes, with one focal length that cannot be changed. The primes have two advantages:

  • they are "faster" (the aperture can be opened up to let more light in so a faster shutter speed can be used) [/*]
  • and normally they give better image quality than the zooms. [/*]
Downside is the price, often a bit high and if you have a zoom it can replace three or four primes, for the price of one. But still a good (and more expensive :sad zoom can beat a poor prime, so check up before buying (ask here).

For the wedding you might need a prime for the indoors. Two with very good reputation are the Pentax FA 50 mm f1.4 mentioned by Tim and the Pentax FA 35 mm f2.0. Both are available new and are regularly for sale used on ebay. I have both and can confirm that they are very, very good. Even compared to much more expensive lenses in the same range.

I also have the shift lens (SMC Pentax Shift 3.5 28mm) mentioned in other posts. Production ceased long ago, and it's not available on the used market that often. It was designed specifically for architecture shooting. It can correct perspective and gives very good image quality, but it takes some practice to learn how to use it. It is fully manual and not suitable for snapshots, preferably you use it with a tripod (churches don't run away). It's fun to have and use, but actually not wide enough to shoot a tall buildingon the other side of the street. For that I think your 18-55 suits better, and as Harriet says the perspective correction can nowadays be done in Photoshop.

The pop-up flash compared to a good external flash is like a bicyle compared to a car. And as you know there is a big difference between a Volkswagen and a Mercedes Benz, as there is between the simplest and most advanced external flash. As with lenses, ask here before you take out the wallet. Well all be happy to help you spend your money.:-)

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toomanyairmiles, let me echo the comments of others in welcoming you to the community of Pentax users. The K100d is a wonderful camera; I bought one as a present for my son, and he simply loves it.

I have many of the lenses discussed in this thread. Some general comments about them.....

My kit lens was stolen in an auto break-in while on vacation. I replaced it with a much more expensive Sigma 18-50 f2.8. There has been the occasional shot in which the more expensive lens was better, but the kit lens is tough to beat when its focal range is acceptable.

The 50mm f1.4 is one of my most-used lenses. It also was stolen and I replaced it immediately.... just couldn't do without it. Beautiful for portraits and for use in low-light situations.

Pentax FA*50-135 f2.8....far and away my favorite lens. I currently use it most of the time on a K20d, and it almost seems as if it were manufactured for this camera.

Tamron 70-300...hard to beat for the price....consistently sharp and a wide range of uses. Only negative I've ever had with this lens is the inability to use it in low-light siuations.

As you can probably infer from my preference in lenses, I shoot a lot of situations in which low-light performance is critical. Your stated need is for architectural photography. If you have flexibility in terms of set-up position, you may not need the low-light capability I always seek.

On the question of flashes....if significant indoor photography is going to be done, a really good flast is at least as important as a good lens. I wasted money on a cheap flash that touted P-TTL capability....then finally, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and invest in a Pentax 540 FGZ.....Pentax's top-of-the line....I can only ask myself what took so long.

I can't help you on the very wide angle lenses....I can only wish I had one....lol.

Glad to welcome you to the community of Pentaxians...good luck as you fine tune your equipment and technique.

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Hi, and welcome again,

Another lens that would supplement your kit lens is the Pentax SMC-A 35mm - 135mm f3.5. in digital terms it equates to 52.5 - 202.5mm because of the crop factor,

so the kit lens + this one would give you effective coverage of 18mm - 200mm. It's reputation is legendary ... constant f3.5 aperture through it's range, sharp at any ap.

Some people claim it's as sharp as any prime, downside is that it's a heavy lens, as you'd expect from it's all metal and glass build. It does command a good price.

I should add that it also has a useful macro range engaged by moving the focus ring forward at the short range end , you can then focus more closely.

Being an "A" lens, metering andexposure can be controlled by the camera, focus is entirely manual. ... Jack

Specification here.... http://kmp.bdimitrov.de/lenses/zooms...5-105f3.5.html

Some reviews. ... http://www.pentaxforums.com/lensrevi...105&cat=42

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