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This is being sold locally online, and I am thinking about making an offer on it. I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with it? I read some reviews online that sounded good.

The person is asking $375 for it.

Thank you
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Well I do not have any personal experience with the lens, however - I can point you to some information on the lens. Perhaps this will help you out.

Googling the lens brings all of this up...


You can see that the lens sells new for about $450 - against about $650 for the corresponding Pentax lens. Now Sigma makes this lens for a variety of mounts - Canon, Nikon, Sigma, 4/3, Sony and Pentax - so you need to make sure the copy that is for sale is a Pentax mount (or a K mount).

This lens is a fast one - with an aperture of f2.8 will do well in low light situations. The Pentax kit lens does go for quite a bit less - as low as about $70 in places.








The one thing your probably going to need to do is to see if you can physically see the lens before buying it. Take your camera and take some pictures with it, so that you can come home and download the images and take a look to see if there is anything wrong with the lens. Take a look at this thread here on the Pentax Lens thread on Sigma Lens Quality Control...


It appears that if you get a good one - its great. However, there a potential of getting one that is not so good. I would also ask the seller - why they are selling it. I would also inquire about any warranty left on the lens (I do not have any Sigma lens, so I really do not know).

Anyway - just thinking out loud....

Hope that helps.

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I think it's selling for $385 on Amazon. Might be worth the $10 for warranty, return policy, etc...
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Interested, thank you for the links. That was very interesting reading. I am a little more inclined to stick to the Pentax lenses now.

Jerkules, that is a VERY good point.
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I have that same lens and I have no problem with it. It is my favorite indoor lens. 90% of my shots at an indoor event are with that lens. I use it outdoors as well too, but not as much as indoors.

The link above stating that sigma has lots of problem with the lens, is referring to different sigma lens. As I said on that post, I have 6 sigma lens and the 3 most recent one are the EX series lens. The 18-50mm EX DC Macro f/2.8, 24-70mm EX DG f/2.8 and the 10-20mm EX DC lens.

There are TWO version of this lens. I have the one that says "Macro" on it. That is the latest one. The one without "Macro" is the older version and is cheaper. I never used that version before but I "heard" that the Macro version is better.
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