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This question may motivate people with severe LBA! LOL!

I have a few older Pentax lenses that I used with my K1000. When I bought the K100D a couple years back I still used my older lenses even though I like the kit lens. I did get spoiled with the auto focus on the kit lens since none of my older lenses have that function. I few months ago, I added the 50-200 Pentax DA lens (the bigger cousin to the kit lens) to replace my Tamron 70-210 F4 lens simply because I thought I needed the auto focus. I've been doing a lot more concert and performance shots over the past year and I wanted to have an easier time shooting.

So, here I am, with two good lenses that pretty much cover the same range excpet one is AF. And personally, I think I like the IQ of the Tamron a little better. Not to mention it feels sturdier.

So, have any of you done that, for the sake of convenience? Or have you mastered manual focusing to make this a non-issue? I WILL say though, that I use the 50-200 DA for stage shots and the Tamron for portraits, since quick focusing would not be as much of a concern.
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i've got 11 lenses i use. all are MF except 2. only reason i'd switch is if the AF was rated higher.. the kit lens is AF andmy FA50/1.4 are.. i got the 50mm for a drop dead price(as in free) to replace my M50/1.4.
AF is pretty much a non-issue to me.. as long as my eyesitestays around
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I dont know how many lenses I have, too many I guess!:lol: There is hardly a top notch example among them and only 3 areAF.

AF lenses are really still outside my scope for what I budget for LBA but I did extend somewhat to buy a Pentax 1.7 AF adapter which I am still learning to use. It should be quite effective on a nice sunny day with my F500 f1:4s!:G

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I have a few AF lenses and some MF. For concerts I prefer MF, otherwise I don't care as long as the lens is optically good. To me that spells p r i m e. My first AF lens was the kit lens I got with the DS, and I have bought MF lenses after that and I'm very satisfied with those. But I do admit I pay the premium for good glass. (Even though I have a couple of Robarish trades and have gotten HQ glass for free).

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For macros AF rules if the object you are shooting will stay still...AF if shooting bees or fast flying insects. With small birds or fast moving small children AF works better...but for things that are slow moving or still a manual focus lens gets my vote. The best lens I have right now for versatility is the Bigma 50-500 and I use it in both modes.
So what do you like to shoot? an AF works better for moving or things that will move and MF works best on still subjects.

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Hi JB,

I'm definitely in the AF camp. I'll use a manual focus looong tele if the optics are worth it and the aperture is large enough to make it reasonable to focus, but definitely prefer AF if I can justify the cost difference, and obviously MF is the usual preferred technique for macros.

My problem is that my vision varies over the course of a day too much for me to have to rely on MF, so even though I have quite a few MF teles, I usually use them with the 1.7x AFA, and very rarely without it.

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I have 5 lenses that live full time in my camera bag, with a couple of others that rotate through every so often. Two of them are manual focus - my Viv Series One 105mm macro lens (AF can be a liability with macro) and my A*300mm. There are definitely times when I think about replacing the 300 with the DA*300 but really can't justify it to myself. AF is definitely faster than manually focusing, but since most of the time my subjects don't move much, it's not a big deal. If I were a dedicated birder, I definitely would have switched out for either the FA or DA*300mm, but not for something like the Tamron or Sigma 70-300 just to gain AF.

Manual focus is easier with sharp, fast lenses - I wouldn't want to routinely manually focus the kit lens (which is otherwise OK). I didn't have much trouble focusing the 77 f1.8 Limited that I was using with a manual extension tube, it's both fast and sharp enough.
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Most of my favorites are manual focus, probably because my budget has generally required a choice between top quality and auto focus. With the lenses I know well I can be pretty quick and certain focusing manually. I would consider an "A" setting a major benefit but auto focus is not nearly as important to me. Now if Pentax rolls out an auto focus system as fast as some Canon and Nikon kits I have tried, I might feel differently too.

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I shot with manual focus for 30 years-now that the eyesight isn't the same I am a huge fan of auto focus. Failing body parts make you adjust.
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For me AF doesn't matter most of the time. My eyesight is not great so I rely on my k100d's focus feedback with MF lenses; it works well for me.

I'm not yet used to focus trapping, but it may prove useful on moving targets.

I like my 50/1.7 AF and use it with a modified 1.5X Nikon Teleconverter on the front for an effective 75/2.0 AF.

50/1.7AF, Nikon TC-15E, Oly TCON-17, SuperTak 200/4, SuperTak 135/2.8, MacroTak 50/4 1:1, Tamron 24/2.5, Oly WCON 0.8, & a couple bad long zooms.

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