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The 50mm macro lenses have an advantage - their DOF is greater because of the focal length. The disadvantage they have is that you have to be closer to your subject. That's not a disadvantage for shooting your flies, but is a big disadvantage if shooting the flies that can fly away on their own. I'm not familiar with that particular lens as I most of my macro pictures aren't under as well controlled situation. You've made a good choice for your type of flies.
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Good choice. I have the Sigma EX 105 F2.8 which is fabulous and I've read lots of good reports on the Sigma 180 EX but of course its a bit pricier.

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Kesserendrel wrote:
ave no idea what I'm looking for.¬* I don't know anything about legacy Pentax lenses: what mounts are better, which lenses are good choices, any adaptors or other adjustments I'd need to make, etc.¬* I'd appreciate any suggestions on which series of lens or even which specific lenses I should be looking at.
I am sure both F/FA100mmF2.8 macro are old enough as they are not in production. Occasionally you may get that from ebay of KEH. I have the FA version which, beside capable of 1:1 ratio macro, is a decent short tele as well

Test shot wide open at F2.8 and iso 1600 with lowly DL

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Kesserendrel wrote:
Thanks for the replies, all.¬* For the moment I decided to go with¬*a new¬*50mm f/2.8 1:1¬* Sigma as my macro.¬*
I have the slightly older Sigma EX DG (full frame) 50mm, and it is a supurb lens. I would expect the newer digital only version to be as good. However, I would have encouraged you to go for something in the longer 90-105mm range (like the 90mm Tamron), as the lens to subject distance of the 50 can be awfully short for really small objects - that means problems with lighting and a shallower DOF; you then have to back off, resulting in a smaller image and greater subsequent enlargement in pp, which in turn results in the potential for loss of sharpness in the larger image. You may have to shoot in RAW to compensate.
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