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John - as usual, you are such a wonderful source of information! Your post put a bunch of unrelated pieces of information that I sort-of knew about and put it together to make complete sense. I had always thought that there was something I was missing when I'd read posts that "Canon has the best AF system" - but I wasn't because the statement is too general. Now I have a much better understanding of when that statement is true, and when it might not be true.

As far as focus assist, the focus assist lamp on my external flash helps a great deal, but it isn't as good as the AF system that was on the Sony F717. That was some type of laser (hologram?) grid as I recall, and rarely did my camera not manage to get focus, as long as the subject was somewhat close (like not across the street). I've noticed that Sony doesn't use that system at all any more - is there a reason?
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You know it is funny how most have forgotten the lessons learned when we were shooting P&S cameras.

In low to no light we often used a small flashlight or laser pointer to get the focus. Never have had the need to get a external flash.

Maybe that is why I prefer to shoot landscapes... Besides you don't need release forms to shoot them...:?

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I am with ya on the K200D.. been saving my pennies!! I posted before that my onboard flash in Samsung GX-1L stopped discharging and its past warranty so I ordered the Pentax 360 FGZ (since I am sticking with Pentax) and you know what I wish I had ordered a long time ago! What a difference! It turned out to be a "good" thing that the onboard flash quit working. Thank you for the "shoot out" most enlightning especially with the lenses choices!:-)

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Hello h7edge,

Sorry to hear about your GX-1L , but glad to hear you got the external flash! You're going to have a lot of fun!

You're welcome about the Shoot Out. It was just a personal test to help me decide whether to start building a Nikon system or stick with my Pentax system, especially the short-term potential of purchasing a $400 external flash unit. (After the Shoot-out, I decided to go with the Pentax AF540FGZ rather than the Nikon SB800.)

As for an update on my testing / playing.

- I dropped the idea about the Metz. For the amount of time I got to play around, testing out the Metz was not possible, so . . .
- I just went ahead and bought the Pentax AF540FGZ & Love It!
- I tried to get a Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal, but Henry's was sold out. Tried out my friends that he just picked up and brought to New Years Eve & loved it. Confirmed that I'm going to pick one up when I have a chance to.
- Having some personal issues with image quality with my Nikon D70s, so I might just sell it. (Sorta a result of the testing I've been doing.)
- Have to get out to Henry's and try out the Pentax K200D 1st hand to see how good it is. [But holding off getting it until I learn more about photography and actually start taking some adequate pictures! <grin>]

Told myself that I've played around enough & I want to actually practice taking some more pictures now. <grin>

Take care,

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Oh yea I am having a boat load of fun! Like I said I wish I had bought the external flash a while ago but I am glad I didn't get one till now. I had been eye balling the Promaster flashes but now with the built in remote on the flash and when I get the K200D I see a lot of potential with the remote fire so... all in all its like having a new camera already! :GI just shoot for fun I don't want to spend a Million dollars on gear... lol.



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