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I own several nice M42 lenses and need an adapter for my K10D. The one usually recommended is costly. Does anyone know of one which allows infinity focus, but is around ten bucks total cost? Also, when the right adapter is used will the lens lock on?

The only AF lens I own is the 18-55 kit lens. I cannot in any mode make it focus as sharply as the result I can get manually focusing. I have not experimented to find if the variation is always one direction, so can't say it is a built-in error. Is there some way to calibrate such a lens?

The Beep has never worked on my K10D. I have it set for "ON" for all four situations in the custom setting. I should have sent the camera back to get it fixed or replaced, but it is apparently the only fault, and I thought I coukl live without it. I am still alive, so I guess my assumption was correct, but the beep would be nice to have for AF. The visual signal works, but it is not always actionable. Any suggestions or advice would be helpful.

It's early morning, just had trouble sleeping, and decided to send this message. Seems that old age is conducive to "Night OWlism", probably because at last when I get drowsy during the day I am at liberty to take naps. I've needed this since my Army days when Ienergized myself by nodding off nine minutes at every ten minute break. It worked in lectures too, until the Sarge made everyone take off their sunglasses.

Thanks for looking,

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nice antidote about sleeping.. wish i could..
any of the adapters from adorama and B&H will work.. around $18delivered..
from ebay , be careful.. none of the collared ones will work.. post the ebaylink here and someone will say, yay or nay.

can't help with the focus problem..
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I had a lot of problems focusing my *ist DS until I discovered the diopter adjustment on the eyepiece. When you look in the eyepiece the framing lines should be sharp, if they are not adjust the fiddly little slide on the eyepiece.

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