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While I haven't particularly noticed problems when I've forgotten to put 100mm in after having the camera set at 300mm, but I HAVE noticed a difference (and a problem) when I went the other way - had the camera set to 100mm and was using the 300mm. I took four pictures, 2 with the camera set at 100mm and twowith the camera correctly set at 300mm.The shutter speed was under 1/200 (silly for a 300mm lens), and the two pictures set at 100mm were significantly worse as far as camera shake. One of the 300mm pictures was fine, the other showed a bit of camera shake. I was impressed.
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TCav wrote:
bigdawg wrote:
I get lazy sometimes and just don't change the focal length when asked..I'm sure it should matter but I've yet to see a huge difference when I go from 50mm to 500mm.
If you are able to hold the camera steady, such that the Shake Reduction doesn't kick in very much, then you won't. You only need to enter the correct focal length so the Shake Reduction works properly.
Removing tonque from cheek Dawg slowly counts to ten......AHHHH! Yes I knew that. But for real it doesn't bother my photos that much and I have shot some of my best photos with it set waaaay off! So if you do forget or you are in a great rush to get a photo off don't worry that much....Chest of Dawg now feels lighter after bothersome weight is removed. LOL

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