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Default TCs

what order
2x -1.4x or
1.4x- 2x ?
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Hi Roy,

I wanted to try a few things before I answered.

I don't think it makes that much difference, but if there is one, I'd suggest that the 2x closer to the camera would be the better alternative. This is just a gut feeling thing -- There are few really good 2x TC, and none of them seem to stand up to a good 1.4x. It's pretty much accepted that even a great 1.4x TC will degrade IQ more on a mediocre lens than on a great one, where it will hardly degrade the IQ. If the lens +1.4x is only marginally degraded, then adding the 2x will not degrade the IQ much more than the 2x alone. Adding the 2x to the lens will degrade the IQ, making a great lens less great. Adding a 1.4 to the combo will magnify the faults of the lens+2xTC more.

Anyway, the order of my stacking of TCs is dependent on the functioning of the 1.7x AFA, so it's always been the 1.4x on the lens and the 1.7x on the camera. This works for me. I just tried stacking the 1.7x AFA on the P A 2xS and the FA*300/2.8. the results? -- it AFs with the K7, but the results are softer than stacking the 1.7x AFA on the Sigma 1.4x APO and the Tamron F 1.4x PZ AF MC4. Hmmmmm now I have to try two 1.7x AFAs. . .and maybe a 1.4x. . .pretty crazy stuff.

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