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Default I have a Pentax istd L2 and i want to use K mount lenses

I have a Pentax istd L2 and i want to use K mount lenses, but cannot figure out how to use the camera. When I fit a SMC PENTAX - M 135mm lens to the camera body, it will not take photos. Any ideas? thanks
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Dig out the owners manual and check for the custom menu setting for allowing you to use manual lenses. I don't have a DL, but it's something like "allow aperture ring" or something like that. The default is off - you need to set it to "allowed". That's the first thing I do with my Pentax cameras, then I just leave it set that way forever (it doesn't hurt anything to have it set this way). Then put the camera in "M" mode instead of P or Av or whatever, set the aperture on the lens. Line up your picture, push the AE-L button which will temporarily stop down the lens and allow the camera to meter. Focus and shoot. If you change locations, remember to push the AE-L button again as the camera doesn't automatically change the shutter speed like it would with auto exposure lenses.

You can use manual lenses with P, Av or Sv modes, but then the camera won't stop down the lens - regardless of how you have the aperture set on the lens, it shoots wide open. I do use this occasionally when I was planning on using the lens wide open anyway, as the camera will then meter automatically and I don't have to worry about forgetting to push the button.

Remember to set the custom menu option to allow use of the aperture ring first!
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And when you have done all what Harriet points out, don't forget to put the focus choice button/lever to "manual focus". (You'll find that button just beside the lens mount, on the lower left side seen from behind.) If you leave it in autofocus mode you can't take a picture unless the camera thinks the picture is focused, irrespective of what you think yourself.
This phenomenon can be used in a creative way for something called "focus trap", but that's another lesson.
If you can't get it working with these instructions, don't hesitate to ask again. We're here to help one and another. And your camera does work with that lens, when everything is set correctly. It may sound more complicated than it actually is.

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As often stated before....EVERY LENS EVER MADE FOR A PENTAX CAMERA, WILL STILL WORK WITH A PENTAX CAMERA. On some older lens such as M42 screw mounts or 6X7 or 645 large format lenses you need an adapter.
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It's well worth it, getting the adapter for the M42 lenses. Some amazing glass is out there for very little cash.
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Just in case you don't have the manual, here is the softcopy, that you can download.....

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that piece of junk??
i'll take care of it if you pay the postage..
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