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Default K-x and 18-250mm Lens: Balance

Here's a question for K-x owners who've tried the 18-250mm lens (Pentax or Tamron versions) on the new camera. How does that combination balance out? I sometimes use the 18-250 on my K200D - a great combination for vacations instead of a megazoom point and shoot. I was wondering if the lens might be a bit heavy for the K-x, given that the new camera's kit lenses are particularly light and compact. But if the balance is still good, perhaps the new combination will make an even better vacation kit.
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Hi Biro,

Personally, I've never really "gotten" the balance thing that so many people talk about. With just about any lens, I place my left hand (palm up, fingers pointing towards the front of the lens) under the balance point of the camera/lens combo , wherever it is. My right hand is usually relaxed and hardly holding the cam, so I can work the controls with my thumb, index and middle fingers plus get a smooth and relaxed shutter release. This way, all my lenses balance well on all my bodies, including the 6+lb FA*300/2.8 and the diminutive and light DA18-55 kit lens. Another thing is that non "internal zoom" zoom lenses change length as you change FL, so necessarily the balance point changes also.

That being said (and I'm in no way disparaging your question -- I've just never understood the balance thing), I have no plans to get a Kx for the high ISO performance that a lot of K10, K20, K-7, and K200 owners on other fora seem to be drooling and having some sour grapes angst over. I'm not willing to give up the features and refinement of the K-7 or K20 just to get another stop of sensor sensitivity (but the body colors are tempting -- I'll admit to harboring thoughts of ordering a wild color combination from one of those dealers in Japan).

I'll wait for the next "flagship", which is bound to get an upgraded sensor/processor -- it would be improbable that Pentax would allow their flagship to be outperformed by their entry level camera in an area so important as IQ in the next model. I think that the next APS C DSLR from Pentax will be a mid grade between the Kx and K7 -- a K200 replacement with a upgraded sensor and AF system ala Kx. That would be the one I'd wait for if I were a current K200 owner.

Then there will be a replacement for the K-7, and which will give me enough time to afford it, and I've already started saving my money. . .

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All my sample photos with the Kx were taken using the Pentax 18-250mm lens. I foiund the balance to be just about perfect, in fact even better than on the Km model.

I find that I like the overall functionality of the KX a lot. In fact, I put my K-20 up on E-bay today.

Sarah Joyce
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