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VTphotog Feb 3, 2010 9:27 PM

Is this old news?
I was playing around with a T-mount mirror lens and not getting a focus confirmation at all, though I have another which does just fine. (*istD)
I did determine that the lens wasn't focusing very well to infinity, but closer up it was fine. After doing a bit of machining on the T-mount adapter to bring the lens closer to the sensor, I got decent focus at infinity:), but still not focus confirmation.:( The adapter has black coating, which I found isn't anodizing, but a powder coat paint. Took a guess that it was preventing contact with the camera at the contacts, so I scraped the paint off, and, as it turns out, it worked.:D I now have focus confirmation, and can use the lens with focus trapping as well. As soon as it stops snowing, and warms up a bit, I guess I'll try it outside.

Hope this is useful to someone else.


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