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I called my sales rep at Adorama to double check if the deal is real and he said if I wanted, I could call Pentax. He gave me the # and I called Pentax. They knew nothing of the promotion, I tried calling my sales rep right after my call to Pentax, but he didn't answer his phone. I just put an email in to Helen, so we will see what she says. I just don't want to spend shipping to ship an old camera and then not get the price that way agreed upon. My sales rep also told me the lens was a Da and not Da-L, and I have read everywhere that the one in the kit is a DA-L. Maybe it's different since I'm getting the white one. He said the lens is in a separate box. Don't know what to believe.
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Pentax and another store in the NYC area had a very similar deal - about a month ago. It was posted on another site and folks called in to see if it was limited to a in store transaction, There were really no complaints with that "special".

Not everyone at Pentax knows about everything. I think the email to Helen should clear things up for you. I think that was a very good move....

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I went ahead and sent in the old camera, so I'll call tomorrow to let the sales rep at Adorama know that it is on the way!
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I wanted to let everyone know that everything is cleared up with Adorama. They are going to honor the promotion. My sales rep said that he found out that it was a promotion from just Adorama. Adorama has great customer service, and I will probably be buying from them again even after the misunderstanding. Can't wait to get our camera!
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I bought my first digital a K10D, just as a body. I then got a 16-45 mm lens (Pentax) and then 6 months later got the Pentax 55-300mm.

Both lenses are excellent.

I bought the K10D just as a body as I didn't want the kit lens, the 18-55.

I then bought a KM body (K2000 in the USA)...but try as I might I just couldn't buy the body only. I had to take the 18-55 kit.

I've tried the 18-55 kit (plastic lens mount variety) and it's a good lens, but I can see the quality difference in the pictures.

However, don't get me wrong....the 18-55 is fine.

It's unfair to compare the kit 18-55 to either the 16-45 or the 12-24. Both the 16-45 and the 12-24 are more expensive, particularly the 12-24.

Best way I can explain it, is that it's like when you go to a tire dealer and they display their different lines of tires. The 18-55 would be good, the 16-45 would be better, the 12-24mm would be best...just like the different lines of tires.

But what I'm saying is if you can afford a 16-45 I would go there. I realize you may not be able to buy just a KX body.

The 55-300 mm lens (I have one of the first) continually surprises me, for a consumer lens.

The picture quality even at 300 mm is excellent. Well worth the price of admission. I would certainly get a 55-300mm.

To quote from your OP:

"I want to photograph my kids playing (indoors & outdoors), some family gatherings (outdoors), vacations (Disney!), and maybe some nature (hiking)."

The 18-55 is good, workhorse lens. As a kit lens it compares very well to the similar kit lens from Nikon and Canon.

For a starter set, the 18-55 and the 55-300mm would make a good team. You would cover the waterfront...from moderate wide angle (18mm) to a long reaching telephoto (300mm).

I believe you would meet your photo goals for the great majority of the time with this lens combo.

BTW, the KX, the 18-55 and the the 55-300mm are excellent photography tools. This combo will easily outreach any point and shooter and could well be photography equipment you will find satisfies your every need and then some for all time.

But you have to realize this forum (Pentax DSLR) is populated by quite a few avid, long term photographers that are never satisfied unless they have the absolute pinnacle in equipment. That sort of describes me.

A confirmed shutterbug.

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