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Default Produ.ct Photography

Ive been doing a lot of product photography work lately.

my kit now contains about 90% prime lenses and I do love them but this isnt the most efficient way for what I am doing.

Ive been using my Carl Zeiss 29mm 2.8 and my Takamur 55mm 1.8. The pictures are coming out amazing, I am using these because of the excellent bokeh and color rendition and sharpness. I am shooting precisely to avoid having to then PP images to save time by just taking perfect shots from get go

These two lenses are producing very fine results BUT

Switching between them is somewhat of a pain and I dont have a backup camera yet...

I am looking for a zoom that is 28-70 or AROUND that. Really any short mid range semi wide, semi telephoto zoom. I had my eyes on the 16-50 but not sure if theres a cheaper or comparable solution..

I do have a very nice vivitar 28-80 A lens but the bokeh and lighting effects arent nearly as brilliant as the zeiss (though it is a nice lens )

Any reccomendations??

I did miss out on a carl zeiss auto zoom lens that was I believe 28-90 that I read great things about. These are very hard to stumble across

My images have to POP and have nice lighting qualities to the glass

Any solid reccomendations out there?

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I have two lenses that would probably fit the bill. The first that came to mind is the Sigma 17-70 2.8-4.5 DG. It's sharp throughout the range, focuses very close, and I haven't heard of a lot of QC problems, though I have heard of a few that had decentering issues. This is the older screw-drive AF model that was just discontinued though. I can't speak for the newer 2.8-4 HSM model, but it would at least be worth looking into.

I posted some shots I took at a miniatures show some time back. . .


The second lens I can recommend from experience is the Tamron 28-75 2.8 Xr Di AS (IF) (or something like that. . .) Up to a few years ago, this lens had a super stellar reputation, but I've heard of more than a few complaints in the past year or two about QC. Kjell (billybianca) here reported trying 3 different examples and giving up, but that was a while ago. Anyway, this lens, given it's a good example, is dangerously sharp, from wide open, throughout the FL range, is fairly small and light (67mm front element, compared to 77-82mm for the comparably spec'd competition), and currently available new. If you can, buy from a reputable dealer with a good exchange policy, test the lens thoroughly when you get it, and I'd think that you should be able to get a good copy. I don't have any relevant samples handy, but this lens also focuses close, and is one of the lenses I'd grab if I knew I was going to shoot flowers , for example. For my purposes, I usually think of it as my favored "people" zoom. . .

Either of these lenses should come in considerably cheaper than the DA*16-50, as does the Tamron 17-50/2.8, which also surprisingly has a 67mm front element. I haven't used this lens either, but it has its share of supporters, so might be another alternative.

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thanks for the suggestions, the pics of the sigma look solid. I am leaning towards this one due to the 17m m range. Looks like it would be good for car photos and some of the close up products. Seems it is difficult to find these used but the new price is considerably lower than the *da. Thanks for your knowledge
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