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Default The Pentax Kit 18-55mm- your verdict.

A friend is planning to get a KX, a 55-300 and the kit 18-55.

I have the 16-45 and the 12-24mm...also the Km kit 18-55.

I don't use the 18-55...as I have the other two wild angle lenses.

What's your view of the 18-55 kit on the Kx...sharpness, colour saturation, picture quality potential ?
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When I first got my K100D this was the only bayonet fit lens I had, and it was used a lot, although its low light performance was poor IMO. As I acquired other lenses it was neglected, and I didn't use it at all preferring to use prime lenses, In the last 18 months I've used it much more, always outside in good light conditions, and I find it quite sharp though rarely shoot wide open, IMO it's colour rendtion is excellent, and nowadays don't leave home without it.
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Here's a very interesting comparison of the DA16-45 against both versions of the DA18-55:


Actually, it looks to be a very promising and useful website - for instance there's a comparison of various 50mm lenses:

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After a half-century of shooting film and wee digicams (but never Pentax) I bought a K20D a couple years ago. I went Pentax specifically because I wanted the DA10-17. I also wanted long reach, and speed. I didn't get a 18-55; my first 'kit' was the 10-17, DA18-250, and FA50/1.4, and these are still about the most-used of my 100+ lenses.

A year later I bought a DA18-55 v1 CHEAP. I like and use it, but not nearly as much as the DA18-250. It definitely has its place. It's fine for general photography where I don't need long reach or great speed or bragging rights. See the KIT LENS CLUB thread at http://www.pentaxforums.com for fine examples of what it can do.

I find I use it most for hanging stuff onto: adapters, filters, lights, etc. I put a Yellow filter on, and shoot glaring neons at night. I put CC or B&W or IR filters on for "spectrum-slicing", exploring limited mono-tones. I mount a cheap dumb ringflash, and a Raynox DCR-250 macro adapter for macro work, or a +1 dioptre closeup adapter for not-too-distant thin-DOF shots. I put a Kenko 180 adapter on for full-circle fisheyes.

The 18-55 is a utility lens, not a specialty tool. It does many things well but nothing perfectly. The PopPhoto reviews rate it as quite good. Considering that a Kx body alone costs more than the body + kit.lens, it's virtually free; no better bargain exists! But PenHoya doesn't care if it gets a bad rep. All who think the 18-55 is junk and spend money on the 16-45 just make PenHoya management and stockholders happy.

IMHO those who despise it just haven't made the effort to learn to exploit it. It's not the only lens everyone ever needs, but it's a damn good start, and a very handy tool.
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