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Default Pentax 50mm from K1000 on a K-x?

Anyone out there use their old 50mm f/2 lens from their K1000 on their K-x? If so how well does it work? Thanks.
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I use M-type lenses (including an M50/2) on my K20D, essentially the same platform as your Kx. How well does such glass work? Well, I have about 100 lenses I can put on my K20D, and only 15 are A-type, and only 10 are AF (autofocus). So I guess the M-types and M42's work pretty well!

To use a manual M-type lens, or an A-type lens that's not on the A setting, you need to go to your Custom Menu and set ALLOW APERTURE RING to ENABLE. Read Using Manual Lenses (M42 Screwmount, M , K) on Pentax DSLRs F-- for all the sordid details, err I mean, all the helpful advise.
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I acquired a M 50/f2 and then later an A 50/f1.7. They both work very well. I gave the f2 away since I did not need 2, keeping the f1.7. They work just as well as they did when they were mounted on the K1000. Overall they are relatively inexpensive, but produce very high quality images. They are not autofocus lenses, so they tend to be overlooked. Just because they are not as expensive as other lenses, does not mean that they are not high quality lenses.

You need to set up your camera as Rio indicated. They are manual focus, but there is a bonus. As you manually focus, the camera will tell you when it thinks you are in focus. So if you turn the lens barrel for the camera you can think of this as having a semi auto focus lens.

You can find these on old film cameras being sold on Craigslist - sometimes for a song (and it comes with an old camera body to boot).

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A word of warning regarding the camera's "in-focus" indication: it's not always reliable - in my experience it works accurately enough for some lenses, but not others. For instance, most of my 50s seem to be OK (so you may be OK with your 50mm f2), but my 135s and 28s are all over the place.

So you'll need to experiment. But if you find that the focus indicator isn't usable with a given lens, you'll need to do it unaided. Note that the modern focus screens aren't designed to be very helpful for manual focus (unlike the older SLRs, where major efforts were made to aid focusing), so really accurate focus is more difficult than you might think (particularly as DSLRs enable you to inspect your images in minute detail nowadays).

Nevertheless, going for vintage manual-focus glass is a great way of getting your hands on quality lenses for little money (particularly if you restrict yourself to primes). So don't be deterred by what I've just said!
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