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Originally Posted by bigdawg View Post
I've used My 285 HV Zoom Thyristor flash on both my K10D and my K7 with Great Results and no problems.
The trigger voltage is low enough with it to be safe. But some of the other Vivitar flashes could be a problem.
From the Strobist Web site...

The 285HV is basically a pimped-out 283 that also offers a zoom head and full manual control - just the way we like it. 285HV's are also safe for your digicam, with a ~6v trigger voltage.

PLEASE NOTE that older 285's which are NOT designated as "HV" are NOT voltage safe and can fry your digital baby. Be warned.

The Vivitar 285HV, and its less-versatile sibling, the 283, have been a staple of off-camera lighting for more than a generation. But newer model flashes have gotten more computerized, with TTL functions and wireless IR capability. But they have also gotten price tags to match, heading north of $300 each.


My Granddaughter's wedding...K7 with a Vivitar 85mm f/1.4 and the 285 HV Zoom Thrystor.

Thanks Big Dawg...I have been away from this thread for awhile....just saw your post this morning.

Thank you for the information, much appreciated.

My Vivitar 285 HV has been without a doubt my favourite flash of all time. Rugged, easy to use and performs very well.

Lovely picture of your Granddaughter's wedding...they look like a very nice couple.

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