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Default Test DA 18-135

Pentax 18-135 lens test
Iím no expert but things look good to me. Your thoughts

Photo shot at F/9, 1/400 sec, ISO 200, 135 mm. K-r set to auto.

Full size crop

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Looks very good! This is really messing with my head - I want something weather sealed at a normal range and had been planning on getting the DA*16-50 eventually. I may have to re-think this whole thing, that lens looks really good!
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The photos are quite good. Harriet...I have the DA* 16-50 and while I enjoy the f/2.8 and overall optical quality, the lens is quite heavy - but not quite as big and heavy as the DA* 50-135. I don't want to get rid of the 16-50 but, if you don't really need the speed, the 18-135 might be a much better walking around lens. The 16-50 is 3.9 inches long, 3.3 inches wide and weighs 19.9 ounces. The 18-135 is 3.0 inches long, 2.9 inches wide and weighs 14.3 ounces. I suspect the 18-135's focus motor is a bit faster as well.
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Hi rriter,

Looks good to me as well! Congrats on the new lens.

If you want to be really picky, there's a minor amount of Purple Fringing on some areas of the leaf. You can't see it on the full frame, but it's visible (but barely so) on the crop.

There's also some Lateral Chromatic Aberration towards the edges of the frame. This shows up as green on one side of an out of focus branch and reddish magenta on the opposite. This is caused by the lens elements refracting different wavelengths different distances, and usually can't be avoided in zoom lenses, and there are only a select few ultra high quality primes where it can't be detected from what I've seen. These lenses are both rare and very expensive.

Neither of these are horrible faults, and can be corrected in PP if you find them objectionable. They mostly occur when there's high contrast borders. Shooting something as high contrast as branches against a sky is probably not that common except for birders though, and it's probable that you will not have to contend with this in most shots you will take with this lens.

You might try the in-camera lens correction feature in your Kr. This involves more processing, so it slows down the camera, but it might be worthwhile to use it for high contrast scenes. I can't say whether this would correct these, but it's supposed to.

Personally, I don't own any lenses that are completely free of color aberrations, so I consider them something that I have to live with and these are not a major consideration in judging the quality of a lens.

Ultimately sharpness and contrast are more important to me, and your sample shows both of these qualities.

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Hi Scott

Thanks for the experts view. I do see the Lateral Chromatic Aberration but would not have seen this had you not mentioned it and where to look. As for the Purple Fringing Iím not seeing that but then again Iím not the expert and I do have 61+ year old eyes that arenít the best. All in all after several pictures with this lens I am completely satisfied. I am also very pleased with the Kr.
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I also am longing for this lens. It seems like a perfect focal length range for walking around, and much as I love my DA 16-45, it has always struck me as odd that I have a weather-sealed K20 body, but none of my lenses are weather sealed. The 18-135 may solve that dilemma. As to the issues Scott raised, all I can say is he has much better eyes than I do!
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I upgraded to the Pentax 18-135 from a Sigma 18-125 that is also quite good for a ďwalk-a-roundĒ lens. The Sigma is a tad slower to focus and a little nosier but all in all not a bad lens at all. The Pentax is smoother and in my brief time with it a quality product that is well worth the buy. Iím Happy!
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