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Default Pentax Ricoh issues first firmware for Q

Hi All,

P R has released firmware 1.01 for the Q, and each of the Quality Line lenses, the 01 Prime and the 02 Zoom. It's interesting that the AF lenses are also controlled by firmware. . .

For the camera:


For the QL lenses:


As always, it's very important to have a freshly charged battery in the camera when you do a firmware update.

With the Q, firmware is installed under a menu choice, not by a combination button press when you turn the camera on.

I just updated the firmware, and it went without incident. The camera took about 20 sec and each of the lenses took about 5 sec.

I was genuinely surprised to find that the firmware update made a very significant difference in the AF speed of the Q in good light. By good light, I mean outdoors during daylight. Indoors, there's a difference, but it's not nearly as as stark. In good light, the Q with either of the AF lenses focuses almost instantaneously. I'm serious -- possibly the fastest AF of any model Pentax, including the DSLRs, but it must be mentioned that the larger K lenses have physically larger focusing groups in the lenses, and they have to move farther to focus the lenses. This is quite an achievement for Contrast Detect AF IMO.

The AF also seems to be more accurate.

I know -- after numerous firmware updates on my DSLRs, I saw as urban legends were spawned about how they secretly made improvements in each of the cameras' performance. If this was indeed the case, there were never any that I thought really made a difference, except for the continuous shooting buffer use and CD Live View focusing performance in the K-5.

This one really makes a difference. It's surprising that P/R isn't calling attention to it.

I think this bodes well for Pentaxians. Hopefully, Ricoh will find ways to improve on aspects of other Pentax models' performance that can be dealt with in firmware.

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