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Default More Q Shots

I think I'm getting a better handle on the Q, I thought my first weekend was a little rough. Once I got the 01 lens things got better almost instantly, with both lenses. It always takes me a bit to get used to any new photo thing (and I bought the 06 lens earlier than I probably should have).

So here are some more shots.

The camera with the 01 lens and the flash up (love how they got the flash off the camera), taken with the other Q, the 02 zoom and on-board flash. I still haven't tried to use the 540 with it, I think it might be over-kill.

Also taken with the 02 lens.

I took a bunch of pictures indoors. High iso is really noisy, what you would expect from a small sensor. I wasn't crazy about the in-camera noise reduction, it really smeared things and accentuated any focus errors badly. I'm continuing to shoot in raw+ for the most part, to try to decide where I would like raw over jpg.

The Q has the ability to exposure bracket 3 shots. It seems to do all right at it, and I put this together using Nik's HDR Efex 2 (thanks to Nik offering the complete suite free to those who owned other bits of them). I thought it came out all right.

This next picture was taken at ISO 1250, about as high as I would want to go. I took the raw file, ran it through Topaz Lab's DeNoise, then Topaz Lab's new Clarity. Resized and then ran it through Detail for the final sharpening. I thought that it came out all right, though I'm finding it harder to keep Clarity from losing detail in the deep shadows (which it did here, compared to what I started out with). Considering this is just a quick snap, I didn't mind much. One of my first pictures with the 01 prime lens. I assume that some of you might still have one of these objects:

Also taken with the 01 lens. It's wonderfully sharp, definitely my favorite lens.

The Q and 01 lens does a nice job of rendering texture also.

By the weekend I had noticed that I was always reaching for the camera with the 01 lens, so yesterday I made a point of taking out the camera with the 02 lens. I had some initial problems with focus points, thought I might see if they had improved the auto AF point, since that's the default. Nope - I kept getting focus errors. So I switched it to selectable and have been doing better, though I often forget to push the OK button before pushing the appropriate button to move the focus point.

Here's a 3 frame panorama (02 lens) I stitched together in Photoshop. I might have been standing miles from the Powerhouse Fire, but you wouldn't have guessed that from the scene. Here's what it looked like just outside Gorman when I came back from Bakersfield.

This morning my car had more ash on it than I had expected. Many don't realize just how far the wind can carry ash and embers. I don't envy the firefighters, the weather isn't particularly cooperating this time.

Would love comments, suggestions, tips from those of you who have been enjoying this little camera longer than I have.
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Nice series.

That 2nd shot has a nice soft background.

You're really pulling out the quality out of your Qs!

Just heard on the news that there are some mandatory evacs. Is this near you?

Take care, Glen
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Glen, the fire is miles from us, though Saturday you wouldn't have known it because we were downwind and the smoke was unbelievable. I do know someone at work that may be evacuated, and he has horses! It is a huge fire, hopefully the weather will cooperate today and they will be able to get a handle on it.
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Nice pictures - You are really doing a good job mastering the Q. The 06 tele has a really unique way of shortening for storage - a nice design feature to keep it compact. I took some people pictures in shade Saturday with the Q and 02 lens - quick snaps, so not perfect - that were severely backlighted by bright sunlight and was impressed with the dynamic range - all were useable (with only minor post processing). Backgrounds weren't washed out and the lens didn't flare.
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