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Default LBA :( But just a little . . .

Ok. I got an 02 zoom lenses headed my way . . .

'wasn't going to get the 02 zoom until later this year . . .

'may have to admit to myself I got LBA . . . although just a small case of it!!!

'justifying it in my mind that maybe I can make the Q the main camera for our upcoming vacation. <grin>

'thinking the next lens is going to be the 03 fisheye . . . but . . . going . . . to . . . try . . . to . . . hold . . . off . . . until . . . next . . . year . . . <grin>
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Resistance is futile!

The 02 lens is nice but occasionally left me wanting more, either sharper or longer. I find the 01 gets me the sharper and the 06 gets me longer so those are my two most used lenses. But that doesn't mean the 02 sits - there's times when nothing will work but the 02.

Don't even mention the 03 in my presence! I've never really gotten a good handle on the 10-17 FE, so I think I'd feel the same way about the 03. But then, it's not very expensive at all, especially compared to the 10-17. And I've seen lots of cool pictures taken with it. Since the Q is all about fun rather than seriousness, why not a fun lens? I might use it more than the adapter - I'm really struggling with manually focusing the DA200 outside. I did better over the weekend using the Hoodman loupe, but still had more than what I should have had back-focused. A tripod helps, but isn't the whole answer for me. I think I need to work on manually focusing macro first - that's how I learned manual focusing with the DS. After that I knew what to look for and other lenses (other than wide ones) were easy.

I expect the 03 will be my next lens, just not yet. I really must save every penny I have for my August trip. On the other hand, since the trip will be for visiting family and not for taking serious pictures, I expect I'll leave the K5 at home and just take the Q. It would be nice to have the FE for such things perhaps? No, must resist.

Glen, we must resist. We must stand strong against the temptation. We do not need the 03 lens. Here, grab my hand and lead me away from the websites that have it...
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I'm a notorious LBS enabler, and don't see much reason to change . .

The 03 is really a good lens, often mistakenly grouped with the "Toy" lenses because it's MF, has a plastic mount, and is very cheap for its spec, but it's not a toy.

"crewl1" on PF sold his DA 10-17 after doing a comparison with the Q and 03 -- he posted the comparison, and it was very hard to tell the difference from the images. I didn't go that far (I rarely sell lenses), but I use the 03+Q about 10x more than the DSLR + DA 10-17, and always carry it with me and the Q. I tend to use it as a wide alternative more than the 02. At first MF was giving me fits with the 03, but Focus Peaking made all the difference, and now I don't hesitate to use it.

I have to classify it as one of the best ~$100 purchases I've made in photo gear.

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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
Glen, we must resist...

I think the only reason I might make it until the end of the year is that I want to get some sort of K to Q adapter after I get through the summer. Otherwise I think the 03 lens would be next on my list. <grin>

Snostorm . . . I guess I've always found the fisheye interesting. I did get the Pentax 10-17mm fisheye for my K100D, but just never got around to experimenting and learning enough with it. And I don't always pack that lens when travelling about. I guess I was just hoping that if I get the 03, I'd play with fisheye a bit more. Thanks for your thoughts on the lens. I have read and seen some good stuff from it. I'm thinking I could have a lot of fun with it . . .

Must resist, for a bit! <grin>
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