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Default Q Changing My Style

After taking a break from trying to do a 365 project, I've been taking pictures almost every day with the Q. It's just so much fun. I also have found that while I still take much of the same sort of pictures I've always taken, I've been branching out a bit more. Only thing is that I don't have time to keep up with the people I used to share with on the 365 website I used last year, and while I love taking pictures, I miss the camaraderie of sharing photos with others (admiring theirs and getting suggestions/feedback on mine). So I guess I'll occasionally post some of them here, and hopefully I'll get some feedback on what I'm doing wrong as well as right.

For the past 2 weeks, the biweekly challenge has been signs. I posted a couple of threads with pictures I took with the Q. You can see them here: http://forums.steves-digicams.com/bi...ing-times.html and http://forums.steves-digicams.com/bi...-westwood.html . The Q is so small, I don't feel as strange as I used to while trying for urban/street shots.

Some of my normal type of photos: two weeks ago I was once again driving home from Vegas. It's a long, boring drive so I thought I would check out somewhere I've always wanted to visit - Kelso Dunes. It's in the middle of the Mojave Desert, really out of the way (about 40 miles off of the freeway I was traveling on, 20 miles from the closer freeway). Summer is not the time to visit desert sand dunes, but I figured I'd go out, take a quick look and see if it was a place to return to at a better time of the year. I found it interesting, I'll make a point to return. (Q, 01 lens)

I arrived at about 9:30 in the morning, too late for good light. I hadn't planned on stopping so I had no sunscreen and no way to carry water. I decided I'd just get out of the car, walk toward the dunes for a few minutes and turn around. I more or less did that, though I stayed out longer than I should have. Mainly because I spotted this Mojave Fringed Toed Lizard. It was somewhat cooperative, it stayed still far longer than the lizards around my locale. (Q, 06 lens)

I find the Q a don't-have-to-think-quick-grab camera. That means I'm more likely to have it with me all the time, including at retirement parties: (Q, 01)

For some reason I have a talent of taking unflattering people pictures. Both of the people in this picture have fabulous senses of humor, as I think this picture captures very well. But it's not exactly flattering.

When another retiring co-worker suddenly walked in and said he had his latest "toy" with him, I was able to both admire it (and be envious) and take pictures.

While I don't know if I'd want to drive it, I could sure live in it!

Last weekend I met up with some other Pentaxians in Long Beach for an event at Belmont Pier. I posted a couple of signs I took there for the sign challenge: http://forums.steves-digicams.com/bi...ndlubbers.html . As I proved above, I'm usually horrible at people pictures but I've been taking more of them with the Q, and some of them have to come out. Here's some evil looking pirates: (Q, 06 lens)

And one who's not so evil looking. Lots of people who were not part of the shows/groups were dressed up, it was lots of fun. (Q, 06 lens)

The next day was an eventful day for the Prius - my 20 month old car is no longer under warranty: (Q, 01 lens). I posted the picture under the biweekly challenge at: http://forums.steves-digicams.com/bi...-warranty.html

It was also hot, so I ventured higher up the mountains, as high as I could drive (8,300 feet) to try to find a bit of relief. I didn't find it much cooler, but found some lupine blooming (Q, 06 lens)

Monday found me at the office, thinking about a subject I'd been toying with in my mind. It was too hot to go outside for long, so here's what I came up with, just screwing around: (all Q, 01 lens)

First, there's always someone who's head and shoulders above the crowd:

Too often they also are the first to fall:

And then others jump all over them:

Thank you for letting me share these humble ramblings with such a Q-ute camera. It's brought a lot of fun back into picture-taking, making it all light-hearted, not at all serious. Shouldn't say that - it's some seriously fun!
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Wonderful ramble, I always love path shots that lead somewhere mysterious and I agree I wouldn't want to drive a bus but what a toy, fabulous.
Your pirate shots are so colourful , clear and sharp as is the lupine close up.
I like your whimsy with the screw story and it's cleverly shot.

The Q is such fun and it brings out your inner flair, the camera doesn't get in the way and people/animals hardly notice it so you can shoot what you see and want.

As I've said you can, and I do, take it everywhere with me, for the moment I'm using a very old shoulder bag but I have ordered a Lowepro Dashpoint 20 on your recommendation and reviews I read. I've also ordered a Manfrotto MP1-C01 Pocket Series Tripod, a Barton1972 Brandy strap, spare battery and charger plus the Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter with Aperture Dial, Pentax K/PK*, all should be here within the fortnight, then I'll be completely set.

I look forward to seeing many more of your Q shots, I know I'll be taking plenty, I just hope I can come close to your standard.


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Thanks, Rodney. I'm still having a blast with it.

The pocket tripod sounds interesting - I've been using my gorillapod more than I ever had before. I find I do much better with adapted lenses using it than trying to hand-hold them. I really can't reliably hand-hold a 100mm lens like the Viv, and struggle with the DA35 macro somewhat. I do much better with the native lenses.
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Great set. I love the pirate shots! That looks like some serious fun! But I really love the flower shot with the little bugs. I love how you get that SDOF. Looking forward to your next post!
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Thanks! I don't think I will do it every week, maybe every other week or once a month. Depends on how many pictures I take, whether they are any good or not and if I have something to say about them. Time is also an issue.

The more I use the 01 lens, the more I really appreciate it. The bug picture was taken with the 06 lens though. You can get very nice bokeh with it too.
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