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OK What I do-

FUN- Softball,Basketball, football etc (game pics for friends and family)

profit- corprate outings,senior photos family photos

What I have

K10d with grip and DS in a big Tenba shoulder bag

AF ---kit lens ....sigma 28-70mm 2.8....100-300mm (ritzQuantaray special)... ........Tamron 28-200mm

manual 50mm m1.17 and A2.0

Quantaray 9550 flash

looking at

DA*50-135 and 16-45...........bigma ........fa 50mm 1.4

540 pentax or 530 super flash

pentax sling bag

and on the far side the K20D

any and all combinations have been dreamed of and now I want the best bang for the buck:GI dont think LBA will allow meto wait for theeither 70-200 2.8(missed out on 50-135 in Jan.:sad soI am spending before the transmission on my van finds out I have some $$$$

Thanks Chris

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Old May 3, 2008, 5:30 AM   #2
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How much shooting do you do for payment? I wouldn't offer any service to a client without having a backup system so for me a 2nd body and a 2nd lens covering the focal length you need as well as flash would be something that is a must have. If you are taking payment then you can't afford to not be able to shoot.
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Old May 3, 2008, 5:06 PM   #3
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Oh, goodie - I get to spend someone else's money for a change.

I'd highly recommend the DA*50-135 - it's a lovely lens and just awesome with the K20. My K10 backfocused with this lens, though, which might be a concern if your K10 has any focus issues. It was always completely reliable on the K100, so it should be fine with the DS.

After that, it really depends on where you feel like you have holes. How much do you use the 100-300 and do you want to upgrade it?Do you feel a needfor something longer? Bigma is a much longer lens, but its got its disadvangages (size and weight). Since you aren't talking about wildlife and birds, I think you'd might be happier with a lighter long tele - maybe the new DA 55-300? Or if you don't mind giving up the zoom, the new DA*300mm looks outstanding, but ispossibly too limiting for sports?

Sine you already have the M50mm 1.7, I think there are other lenses that might be more interesting to get than the FA50 1.4. I have an M 1.7 and a M1.4 and the extra speed you get from the 1.4 isn't that great, and the 1.7 is a really sharp lens even wide open. The FA is an outstanding lens, but I'm just not convinced it would be the best use of your money since you have the M 1.7. Since I got the DA*50-135, the 1.7 is my least used lens now.

The Pentax bag looks like a really nice bag, but I thought it looked not much bigger than the Lowepro Slingshot 100. I have the Slingshot 200 and it's tight to get 2 cameras and 5 lenses in it, and my long lens is the A*300, which is fairly small for a long lens. If I want to carry a flash, I have to leave one of the cameras home.

And then there's the K20. I think it's a brilliant camera, but unless you are unhappy with your k10/DS combination, upgraging lenses would make more sense. But when has sense had anything to do with things?

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Old May 3, 2008, 5:10 PM   #4
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Glad mtngal replied as it meant I spotted u have the DS hiding in there so you have a backup.... that means you can knock that off of the list.
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Hi Chris,

Looks like you've pretty much thought this out already.

I'd be thinking DA*50-135, Bigma, either of the flashes, and the FA 50/1.4. That should keep you under budget, and give you a versatile high quality kit for your purposes.

I'd add maybe a Demb flash diffuser/bouncer and a tripod/head or maybe a monopod/head, if you have a bit extra left over after the lenses and flash. Don't discount the usefulness of one of the support options, being able to keep the camera (especially with the Bigma) up to your eye, ready to shoot for the duration of a sports event isn't easy, and the strain it will prevent in your arms and shoulders will make a big difference in your shots. A flash modifier will give you softer, less directional light from your flash. I've tried most of the ones out there, and I choose the Demb 90% of the time. It works as well as the others, IMO, and is the lightest and easiest to store/carry of all of them. . . and it fits any flash made (a really BIG plus).

The DA*50-135 will give you a fast high IQ zoom suitable for portraits, candids, and events. Along with the Sigma 28-70, this would give you a great lens combo for people shooting, and should serve you well. The flash should also work well for these. You can take the DS with the 28-70, and the K10 with the DA*, use the older flash on the DS and the new P-TTL flash on the K10 and be very well prepared for just about anything at an event. Stick the FA 50/1.4 in a pocket for very low light/available light shots. The auto focus is nice, but not really necessary if you have and are comfortable with using the M 50/1.7, and there's a new DA 55 in the works, so you might want to hold off on this and use the money towards something else.

The DA* 50-135 will also work for some of your sports shooting, especially indoors, and when you want a faster handling lens for when you're closer to the action. The Bigma should give you all the reach you need for daylight work, and you still have the other tele zooms if you need something lighter and easier to handle.

Either the 540 FGZ or the Sigma 530 Super will give you wireless TTL with the K10's popup flash, so you'll have added capability to experiment with lighting.

Kudos for narrowing it down to the good stuff. I think that you'll find it all worth it.

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I have the K10D and DS combination and for sports I use a Sigma 135-400. Cheaper and smaller than the 50-500.

I suggest you do need something more than 300 for sports, it will do but longer is better.

Try to get SDM lenses if you can as they are reputed to be much faster autofocussing and that is a major consideration in sports.

I would not shoot sports without a monopod. Spending any length of time holding one of those long lenses makes them feel really heavy. And of course the DS does not have shake reduction.

Also I can set the camera in approximate composition position so that when something happens you have less set up to do.

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Old May 4, 2008, 1:00 AM   #7
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Thanks everyone -for all the great replys

the 50-135 is a lock and bigma a close 2nd(already have a monopod)But I will look at the 135-400mm

Mark1616- Right now I only get maybe 10 weekends (spring And summer)where I have small profitable jobs but I am working on it .

Harriet- the pentax sling I hope will be big enough to toss 1 body/grip and 1or2 lenses for the early sunday mornings walks at the lake kind of trip.

Scott - I havent seen the Demb flash diffuser/bouncer but will go look it up ,but I have a cloudy light sphere

would like to get the 16-50 to have both DA* lenses but it seems you roll the dice on getting a good copy.

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