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Does anyone have a comparison between these two cameras? I was an idiot and left my *IST D on the roof of my car (camera is now gone). The insurance companies supplier based in Melbourne is telling me that the equivalent replacement is the K100D and a local supplier has recommended the K10D. I would prefer the K10D but I need to tell them what the K100D does not have that my *IST D did have (apart from the battery grip)

Thanks Heaps


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Unfortunately... The insurance company is right... The k100 is way more comparable to the *istD than the K10d.

The K100, however, does not have the front e-dial, the green button, advanced program modes (high speed P, high depth P), and the K100 requires you to go through menus to set many things that the K10d and *istD have buttons for.

But in all honesty... They are right. It's going to be hard to convince them that the current 10mp dSLR is more comparible to the first Pentax dSLR than the current 6mp SR camera. I would probably take them up on the K100.

You are gaining a bigger LCD, slightlyfaster AF, and SR... but you are giving up TTL and a front e-dial. Yes, the K10d is better than the K100, but it's not any closer to the *istD. And this is from experiance, I have owned all three cameras in question.

Now, if you lost the battery grip as well, I would shoot for the K10d, seeing as how they should be replacing the grip too. But be careful,CametaCamera in NY hasquite a few new*istD bodies in stock. If the insurance company sees that, you might just get your *istD back.

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Welcome to the forum, Stew!

I'd agree with Nick, but you can also make your own point-by-point comparison with the help of Bojidar Dimitrovs Pentax K-mount page:


This is one of the most popular pages when it comes to Pentax K-mount equipment, very useful in many situations when you need data about your gear.

Hope to see you back in due time with pictures from your new camera!

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Hi Stew,

I'd compare them from a features standpoint and the perceived standing in the hierarchy of camera "class". Hyper program exposure, ability to wirelessly control TTL remote flash with the onboard flash, pentaprism, dual wheels, ability to take a battery grip, and standing as the "advanced amateur" model as opposed to the "entry level" unit. The K100 "replaced" the DL in particular, and the DS was absorbed into the same entry-level "class". The D was always considered a step up in advanced features and useability, IMO.

Original price would also be a consideration. The D originally sold for more than the K10 when they were introduced. IIRC, it was @ $1500 USD compared to the K10 which was @ $1000. This should be more the determining factor in an insurance settlement.

IMO, they are making the argument that the sensor size in MP is the determining factor, and that's just not right. They should get you the K10.


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Actually, the 110 (basically a stripped down 100) is closer to the Dthanis the 100. The 100 is a considerable upgrade over the D, and the 10 is a quantum leap beyond. Scott makes an interesting argument, but if I am not mistaken, the original purchase price is irrelevant - only the current value; if cameras were automobiles, they would offer you a used replacement of the same model (or equivalent cash, which wouldn't be much). I think they are being generous (bad business practice, but it is small potatos to them and worth more in good will)so I'd take the new 100 and run - you will be way ahead.
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You have to remember that the underlying principle of insurance is "indemnity" which means putting you back in the position you were in prior to the loss. You should not profit from the deal. That would be "betterment".

Thus you should expect to have a camera with roughly the same features as the one you have lost. The fact that such a camera now costs a lot less than it did when you originally bought yours is irrelevant.

Take the K100D unless you're prepared to do a deal with them and offer to pay for the difference between the K100D and the K10D.
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Here I would agree with Scott, that the Pentax istD was/is a pro camera, rather than an amatuer entry level like the K100D. Yes, there may be some features in K10D that are in addition to istD, but the basic camera features, the menu and button layout, the battery grip and the ability to shoot in either orientation using the battery grip buttons, the dual wheel controls all have the same look and feel.

If I may say this, though I am not an expert by any stretch, the K10D is an istD with 10MP sensor and image stablization.

In my view, and the insurance company may not agree, the K10D is a better *functional* analog to the istD, than the K100D. I think a good comparision would be the external layout of the 2 cameras, the buttons, the top dials and the accecories options.

Please understand that this is just a geek's view of the two cameras rather than an expert's opinion, or of an issurance adjuster's point of view.

Best regards,

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IMHO, you should be happy they aren't trying to get you a used *istD... which iswhat you lost

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I have both (ist DL, K10D) and will keep it simple. Love them both but the K10D with a grip feels oh so good.
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The ist D is closer to the K10D then these people would have you believe. If you want to do a comparison go to the camera reviews on this site and compare the specs.

If you got the K100 you would lose the ability to use a grip, The prizm viewfinder, Hyper Program, TTL, The front dial, You would have to get new memory cards, ETC.

If you really liked you ist D then show the insurance company the ads from Cameta Camera! If you did not like the ist D then Settle for a K100.

I would not settle for a stripped down version of the ist D! Most of the versions that came out after the ist D lost features and abilities. But this is me! To me the K10D is an upgraded version of the ist D!

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