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fghouse2000 wrote:
now I am even more confused.....perhaps play with software to really get a feel for what 100% crop "feels" like!
As I understand the term, and as commonly used todisplay bits of images round here, folk means they are giving you part oftheir original image, pixel for pixel, so you can see the original in all its sharp glory, without any losses due to resizing, or apparent gains due to 'sharpening'.

If you take. say,a 2592x1944 pixel image from your camera straight to a monitor running at 1024x768 resolution, obviously the image won't fit. You'll be displaying the image at 100% of its original pixel resolution, but it won't fit on the screen. No-one runs their monitor at 2592x1944, and the operating system & browsing software don't support it.

You might be able to scroll to & fro in a window to see it all (you could, using the same imageon your own computerusing any decentimage viewing software) but as you can see when folk post wide panoramic shots round here, it can be a bit of a nuisance by stretching the width of the messages right off the screen.

So to displayyour image's beautifulqualitiescomfortably within a browser window, it's necessary to crop the image, to show only a portion of it, sized, say, 800x600 pixels. So it's 100% of the pixel size, and cropped. Hence the term "100% crop".

That's how I see it, anyway.

Good luck. Alan T
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I'm thinking the problem isn't the vernacular, it's trying to define it for someone who doesn't understand things like image resolution, monitor resolution, dpi, etc... I think many don't even really know what a pixel is.

Fghouse2000, I'm not sure what you're level of understanding is, but here's the simplest way I think I can explain this without giving a tutorial on everything related to image resolution;

Keep in mind that things like dpi and the size in inches does not matter when viewing images on a computer, only the size in pixels matters.

Let's say your camera takes photos that are 1600x1200 pixels. Your monitor resolution is set to 800x600. Since the width in pixels of the image is twice that of your monitor, you can only view half the width of the image, or 1/4 of the total image, when it is at it's full size (100%). Normally, if you were to use a viewing program to view the image, the program would automatically shrink the image to fit your screen resolution. In this case, it would be shrunk to 50%.

A 100% crop means you are only keeping a portion of that full size image. For example, you might select a portion that is 640x480 and crop it (removing everything outside the selection).

Think of it this way. Imagine your camera is a Polaroid that produces images that are poster size. Normally, if you wanted to give the images to someone, you would put the poster on a copier and reduce it to a normal size. However, a 100% crop would be like cutting a square out of that original poster. That way you can see the maximum amount of small details captured by the camera.
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