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Hello All,

Trying new things and decided to try out what I found on the net and make myself a bouncecard (abetterbouncecard.com) and tried it with my Digi-Slave Deluxe 3000 Flashwhich I had bought for my FZ10, 20 cameras. Quite a powerful flash and alot of trial and error with it before I came up with this picture I've posted.I had to go manual with my DS and went with 1/60th/sec flash at 5.6 aperture. I reversed the bouncecard with this shot so not to have any hotspots or the dreaded red, green or white eye. I put the flash on the camera itself for this shot as I have not been having any luck using it as a slave on an L-bracket.
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for $10 i'll ship ypu one of these. weighs 1oz-


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Old Jun 4, 2007, 12:21 PM   #3
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wow, that is a very nicely exposed shot.

I've tried the betterbouncecard, but most of my shots still came out with harsh shadows, although better than direct flash.

I haven't tried reversing it though, and judging from your shot, that's the way to go for close-ups

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Old Jun 4, 2007, 12:48 PM   #4
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Great portrait - congratulations - it was worth the effort (I am surprised he'll still sit still in front of the camera!). Corgis rock.

I use the Sto-fen Omnibounce on my Sigma myself, but you can also use varying thicknesses of handkerchief as a diffuser straight on, which is a method as old as speedlight/flash photography itself. In closeups, I sometimes put a sheet of white copy paper in front of the built-in flash. Whatever you do, if it works for you, use it.
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Old Jun 4, 2007, 2:45 PM   #5
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Great shot, great dog, great work Ronny
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No matter howhard you had to try or what technique you finally used, that picture was worth it!

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Thanks so much for the comments on this shot. I am rather pleased with it myself. Corgis do rock that's for sure.

He can be such the handful when he has his crazy hour. It was just at the end of his going bonkers all over the room and outside that I finally got him to sit and look up at me. Usually, he likes to wind and sit at my feet or yowl so he can get on my lap.

I am glad I came across this DIY technique. Just cut out a foam sheet and attach with a hair band or two or even better yet attach with a Live Strong type band bracelet and you have a flexible bouncecard. Black out the center of it (2 inches/5cm) and you have in effect a feather type light that keeps the light from being too strong in the center of your subject. This is especially nice with people who wear glasses.

Thus far this has given me results I never thought possible but I am more apt to use my flash to get better exposure on my subjects.


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Old Jun 4, 2007, 9:53 PM   #8
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Really nice picture - gets me to think about buying a flash and trying to figure out flash photography (my results have always been terrible and I've never bothered to really figure it all out).
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Old Jun 5, 2007, 7:52 AM   #9
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I like the concept of Roy's Bounce Card with one exception. The card as shown can be used primarily in either the landscape or portrait position. How does one make this easily used in both positions without having to remove and repositon the bounce card everytime you change camera positions. I think it would work great if one were to only shoot in one positon. I also like the concept that it folds down to near flat...and hence is easy to tuck into a camera bag.

I am always looking....one cound say and for myself I bought Joe Demb's flach bounce card. It works in both horisontal and bertical camera positions and produces great results. As a matter of fact.....I use it for all my flash photography...even indoor studio work as a fill light on the camera (triggers the other lights quite nicely too).

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Old Jun 6, 2007, 6:40 PM   #10
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I think I am the first buyer of the Robar Mark II Bounce Card (TM). I like mine and it does slip very well into an outside pocket of my bag. I don't use flash all that often but I have been happy with the results when I have used the card.

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