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bilybianca wrote:
Great shots, surely action enough!

But I can't understand why these guys want to punish themselves this way (esp. last shot):-)


A little off topic. but in My Youth. I Took a raft trip down the Snake river in Idaho. these were Class 3-4 rapids. You cannot imagine the Rush that you get from Doing that. Dangerous Yes, but at my tender age of 19 I did not care. At my age Today it is a Much different story.
Ahh to be young again. BTW the way i took a stab at hang gliding Also in My youth

Back On topic

Great Shots. thanks for the trip down Memory lane

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Wonderful shots! The last one is a great capture, but I tend to agree with those that think the M42 400mm lens is the better lens. Can't really put my finger on it, but it does have a quality that seems really special.
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Thanks for taking a look guys

Kjell i dont understand it either, some of them looked rather bedraggled by the time they reached the bottom
and the event this weekend goes over 2 days, not my idea of fun

Dal i had it set to apperture priority, so the shutter speed changed with the scene
i think the apperture was set at f11 and iso 400

Ira/Mtngal the 400 is a cheap Hanimex that i was given for free and have hardley used, that may change now i liked the results too, maybe it is because i was made to think a bit more while using it rather than use autofocus etc
i did miss more shotswith this lens because of focusing and stopping down issues

Phil there were a few older guys doing it, rapids wise they didnt look to bad
maybe you should enter in next years
this year has a lot of water, often its a long walk over rocks
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Nice shots, though it looks like 1/40 is way too slow for this sport. I also like the first shot best. It does appear to be the sharpest and I also like the composition the best too.

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The composition of the first one is very good.

Firstly it fills the frame, and the "x " shape formed by the paddle and the kayak and the wake helps to take the image into the corners.

And they eyes of the kayaker are good.

In this case I am not sure about the lens I like it because of the composition.


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Old Aug 3, 2007, 10:30 AM   #16
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To me, the first shot is the best by a large margin. Much sharper. If the exif is correct it's a 1/2500th exposure, so much faster than the others.
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The fourth one brought back some memories. I used to be a whitewater rafting guide through the American River both the North Fork and South Fork. Once in a while I would kayak down with some buddies but we did have on trip where everything went wrong and one got hurt rather badly.

We are lucky worse didn't happen but, all in all if you never do it, you can never understand the draw of wanting to do this again and again despite the inherent dangers.

I have done most all what is considered crazy by most. Bungee cord jumping, skydiving, whitewater rafting, body surfing, boogie boarding (big wave). I miss it all living out here in the midwest and these photos are nice.

Thanks for posting.
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