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Hi GW,

A very nice shot, especially considering how close yor had to get with a 200. The Egret in the BG was a lucky stroke, IMO.

I wouldn't sweat the foliage -- for birds, if you're shooting opportunistically (not with a set up branch to perch, and probably from a hide. . . just taking what you can find) it's really rare to find one that you can actually shoot where the conditions are perfect because it's really more luck than anything. MUCH more often than not, the lighting is from the wrong direction, the bird is in the shadows, or it sits there and poses, but with a big leaf blocking its head. . .:roll: -- But for me, there's a good side to this -- I always have an excuse for my shots not turning out as well as I'd like, so I make my excuses and am very critical of the shot, and people invariably tell me that I'm being too modest and give me more credit than I actually deserve. . .:-)

About the head lock button -- it's only supposed to lock out the -7° "macro" position. In all the rest of the positions, there are only spring loaded detents. -- Nothing to worry about.

Ah ha! And it works too thanks for the info Scott! I guess I'm so used to getting ripped off when I make a "Bargain deal" that I start to imagine things are wrong and that's why it was such a bargain. The local camera shop wanted around $450 for this flash and I got mine for $300 shipped to my door, so I guess I did ok.:-D
I get a lot of those almost shots! I think when I get my Bigma, my keeper ratio will go up considerably.:-):-)
Thanks for the encouraging words, on some days I feel like just selling everything and go back to some other hobby :angry:

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Lovely shot Goldwinger. Love the setting....cheers..Don
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Old Jul 28, 2008, 9:48 PM   #13
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Very nice shot, John. You did good!

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What Scott said about the flash (he's much more clued in than I am when it comes to flash).

I know what you mean about wanting to give up sometimes. A couple of days ago I was at the botanical gardens and was quite pleased with some of my pictures. Today everything I took this morning stinks. Tomorrow I'm going to visit a great place for photos, one where I'm usually disappointed with what I've taken. I'm hoping that I feel inspired and figure out new angles or something and am able to come back with something worth posting.
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Great shot, well done !
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