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snostorm wrote:
getting a passable shot in extreme circumstances is normally good enough for me.:-)
I guess this one was shot on Broadway?:-)

I like the series a lot. Going through books with old classicals, you'll find that many great historical shots like those by Capa, are seldom technically perfect. Often they are not very sharp and rather noisy. What they do is catch a moment, and have great composition like yours.

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snostorm wrote:
Hi All,

I spotted this guy across a small lake, about 160 or 170 ft away (roughly 50-55 m). The sun was directly facing me, and it was in the shadows of the trees and brush on the far shore. I had the K20 with just the Sigma Ex 300/2.8 APO, so I added the Tamron F 1.4x and the P F 1.7x AFA (714mm at f6.7), and set up the tripod.

Since it was in such dark shadow, I kept taking test shots and chimping, but I couldn't get anything close to sharp -- then I remembered that I had SR on :P, so I turned it off,

Cool shots at this long long range. One thing interest me is that your SR setting. Did you have it at 700mm SR or 300mmSR ? Any bearing on getting sharp image as you had it on tripod I believe

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Hi Tom, Harriet, kman, Kjell, and Daniel,

Tom -- I didn't take your comments as a criticism -- I always value your thoughts, and agree that a single TC might have been a better strategy.

Harriet -- Thanks for your comments and taking the time to peek.

kman -- I've been fortunate to have captured a number of heron species in the same pose as #2, but have literally thousands of shots of them just standing around. Catching them in unusual moments is best part of this hobby.

Kjell -- Referring to great historical photographs in one of my threads is a real stretch:-), but I catch your meaning, and appreciate your comments.

Daniel -- Tripod shots for sure. . . I have found that manually setting the SR towards the exteme at the long end (over 500mm) really isn't effective -- or both my K10 and K20 have the same fault (SR-on actually makes things worse) -- so even if I'm shooting with the stacked TCs without a tripod, I'll set the SR to 500mm max and hope for the best. I believe all the AF TCs will transmit the original FL info sent by the chip in the lens, but the AFA doesn't, so I have to set up the SR manually if the AFA is the one attached to the body.

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Hey Scott,
Nice going.
I can sure relate to long shots and dark conditions! If I could just eliminate those two problem…
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