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Welcome to the group No_Pro. You photographed what I kept trying to get all last month for another challenge. Are they really called ice skirts? That was how I kept describing them just giving them a name. Mine were smaller and above running water at the bottom of a steep slope. I just couldn't get them clear. Yours came out much better than mine.

Also, thanks for the comment on the tree shot Harriet and No_Pro. This tree had a base of almost two feet in diameter. It smelled like it had just been cut in the last few days.

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I'm going to submit this one as my entryfor this month. It's actually a shot of the stone top of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa. Between the stone top, the snow in the background, and the flower and metalwork on the top, there's a collection of textures all blending into a single image



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No-Pro - awesome first post and entry! That's some ice you have there!

This month is starting off with some awesome pictures. I'm going to post this one but may change it later because I took some other pictures today that might be more appropriate and better pictures. But I'm rather partial to this one - he's a resident of a rotting log not far from the dirt road that goes up Lieber Mountain. Our local lizards are really fast so it surprised me that I managed to take several pictures of him before he scurried away (I usually end up photographing vacant dirt). Taken today with the K20 and the Vivitar 105 macro lens. I think I might have overdone the pp - I'm finding that the K20 pictures can be oversharpened very easily.

Edited - I've put the lizard under a separate thread and changed my entry. See below for the new picture.
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Oops double post
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MDW43 wrote:
Since Ed kept the March challenge open to a wide interpretation, I will follow his lead and provide a similarly broad subject to work with:
This Month's Challenge: Texture

I have something to work on these few weeks. Thanks

It is poor excuse that I have not been submitting any images the last few months.

This is not an entry as it was taken a while ago

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Trying to be arty after coming back from FOTOFREO at Fremantle

PS for those that didn't recognize this image, its passionfruit vine tendrils. "Texture" is derived from the word textile by the way.

cheers to all
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Changing to Mushroom

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Here we go again. Already some great shots and we barely started!

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I agree - some nice entries already. Now this is an interesting an a hard challenge. Hard because "texture" for me almost completely is occupied in the computer graphics meaning (i.e. the "skin" you put on 3d-objects) and this was also the first thing that came to my mind when I read the challenge title.

After seeing what others posted so far AND reading the challenge again I might change my mind later and post a picture that fits the "images that are almost palpable" part of the challenge, for now this one is a nice example of one of the hardest (in the computer graphics area) textures you might come across - hair. My daughter was so kind as to "model" for me and yes: colors are ok from what I can see on my so-so TFT panel... maybe I could even add a bit saturation to make up for the flash...

Happy snapping,

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