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Which is where I took the photos in the "December Sky" thread.

It was a gloriously sunny Sunday morning with unbroken blue sky. So I grabbed the camera and headed off to Bald Hill, a journey of less than 4 miles. Being Britain the weather had changed in that short time and had started to cloud over. But I still managed to take a few photos, mainly of the seemingly ubiquitous kite. As per usual my skill/technique/lens meant that most of them are only fit for the Recycle Bin so what follows is the least bad.

To start we have a robin, just to show that there are birds other than the kite in the Chilterns:

I quite like this next one

But having seen it was me it decided to beat a hasty retreat:

(OK both you and I know it's not the same bird but let's not spoil it for the rest).

Then one of these birds flew over, not as pretty as the kite and a lot noisier:

Anyway, back to the kites. This one flew quite close but the backlighting meant that I couldn't lift its colours so I went a bit arty and suppressed them:

I ought to stop boring you now but I won't. I'll just post one more kite:

Now isn't that strange, I said it was clouding over and yet there must have been lots of blue sky as well.

Oh and Didcot power station still does a passable impression of Mordor even in nice weather:


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Keith..I like 1 and 5 a lot. The sillouette of that bird is quite moving...And yes even now when I see that particular veiw I look for trolls and orcs!

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It looks like you had fun taking pictures of the kite. The silouette is interesting - I never thought about doing that when I've been in the same situation. What I think is soneat is that you can go to a place that is so close to a obvious urban/industrial area and still get pictures of kites and other birds (rather like my hawk in the middle of West L.A.).
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