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I had to send my istDL to Pentax in Colorado for repairs last week. Won't get it back until mid-October and I'm about to go nuts. Thank goodness I'll get it back in time for my first ever visit to Washington DC the end of October. I work as a reporter for the newspaper in Carthage, MO so taking pictures is part of the job, but the paper only has two point-and-shoots that no one takes care of, a Cannon digital Rebel that everyone fights over, but sports mainly uses, and an old Nikon DSLR that has no instructions and the paper fired the only guy who knows how to use it. I'm carrying around a borrowed Kodak with a 10xoptical zoom, but I don't even feel like taking it out. It's almost depressing to be without the camera. I need to order a second body real soon to avoid this. I don't feel like pulling the film equipment out either. I hate this no camera stuff. Sorry to unload this here, but I bet some of you understand.
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That would SUCK! What happened to the camera in the first place?

I would probably go nuts and have to buy another one... perfect excuse too for the wife.
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Tell Pentax repair that you use your camera for professional work and you need the camera back pronto..fixed.

Pentax doesn't have a big chunk of the pro market and remind them that Nikon and Canon repair facilities get the pro's cameras back lickety split!
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Tough situation - I don't blame you for not wanting to take out the Kodak (who does make some nice p&s cameras - a friend of mine loves hers now that she figured out how to use it). But it's just not in the same league as a dSLR. Maybe this is your excuse to get the second camera body sooner, rather than later. Wouldn't SR be nice to have?
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I don't know if it just wore out or what, but the shutter button started sticking at the half-way point. The camera was constantly focusing and it wouldn't let me change the settings or preview the pics. I've only shot about 24,000 pictures in 16 months. It started soon after I shot a high school football game in rainy weather. I had it in plastic, but the humidity could have gotten to it.

Yeah' SR is nice. I did order a K100D today, but they backordered until the end of the month. I guess I'll live, but it's still hard to go without. I saw a couple of these guys the other day and didn't have anything to shoot them with. I've just got to get through October and all will be better.
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I can feel your pain, brother! That would drive anyone crazy! Then they backorder your new one? I think I would have to take an afternoon off of work & drive to KC or Tulsa...which is closer for you?...& find a Pentax dealer that has 1 in stock! That's just too long to have to wait!

Good luck!
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Old Oct 4, 2007, 1:16 AM   #7
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I just received my K100 back from Pentax a couple of days ago. It took them exactly 30 days to fix it (plus the shipping time to and from Pentax in CO). I was having problems w/ the AF and meter. It looks like they did not do that great of a job for yesterday the camera would not focus at all with the kit lens. Then all of a sudden, it started focusing again.The metering issue has also not been resolved. So, I'm expecting UPS to come and pick it up tomorrow (at Pentax's expenses). Good luck with yours!
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