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Rodney9 wrote:

Which is the best way of getting your photos from your camera onto the computer, card reader or using the supplied USB connector.

Is there any quality difference ?

Which is likely to break first, the usb connection plug/socket or the card slot mechanism in your camera ?

Any ideas, What do you use ?

On my K100D I always used the supplied USB connector lead, it was very easy to plug in and use, but now with my K20D the USB lead is quite a bit harder to plug in, it needs more force, so it worrys me a little and thats why I"m asking the above questions.

On an other subject, who uses the supplied Pentax software, is it any good ? I've always used iPhoto and Photoshop Elements.

Card reader wins hands down-as for the software I have Elements 2.0, 3.0, & 5.0. Still like 2.0 the best-does everything I want it to.

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I've used external card readers for 5 years now. I don't think I've ever used the USB port on one of my Pentax caneras. Works great and never a roblem.
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I'm another who uses card readers - much faster, started doing that even before I got a laptop that has a built-in card reader. Now I either use it or the mini-card reader that came with my Ultra II SDHC card.

I use both Lightroom and Photoshop CS2. I've started thinking of upgrading to CS3, but haven't been in any hurry to do it. We've been thinking of switching to Macs - my other half really wants an I-Mac. If we do, I'll definitely get CS3.
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Thank You All.
I bought a tiny reader today, USB 2.0 SD/MMC READER: that goes up to 480 Mb/sec. It is much easier and faster to use, Thanks again.
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I use a card reader only when I have too. Since the SD slot on my '05 laptop will not read my 4GB or 8GB cards, I use the readers that came with my SanDisk cards. On my main PC I have a IOGear device that turns a SD card into a thumb drive - it even looks like a thumb drive. I bought it before the SDHC cards were available - so I think the device just turns any MMC/SD card into a USB drive.

However, I only use the card readers to do a quick look see at the day's images. My formal process is to copy the SD/SDHC cards onto my Wolverine portable hard drive. Then I transfer the data over to my PC's hard drive. At that point I have two copies on two independent hard drives.

Once I burn DVD's and the Wolverine gets full, I will reformat it and start over. Normally, I rarely go directly from a card to my PC. Also, when I remove the SD card from the camera - I lock it and it stays locked until it is on my main PC (mirrored drives for fault tolerance).

I have never hooked my camera up to the PC, too slow and sucks the camera battery dry (think 8GB or even 4GB at the snails pace that the camera runs at) I would much rather transfer data at a higher rate and still be able to take pictures.

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