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Hello all, I was just wondering if there is a way to check how many shutter clicks I have on my K10d. I have been shooting like a madman and wonder where I'm at.

Also I was wondering where I could check my "exif" data to view my shutter speed, iso, ect for certain pictures. I do some longer exposures and would like to look back on that data, thanks.
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Like most cameras if you do not set it to reset at new card, or manually, it goes in 10,000 frame cycles... 0001 to 9999.

Some update the directories from 100 to 200 etc to count the 10K cycles but the Pentaxes don't seem to, as I have passed 10K in 6 months on my K10D and still 100 numbered directories.

But for instance my old orig Canon Rebel 300D, of the 3 digits of directory numbers was 1's per 100 exposures, 10's were thousands of exp, and 100's, were 10's of thousands

So say at 34,500 frames you would be at a directory number of 345 (actually 445 since they too started at 100). Too bad the Pentax's don't seem to do that and just roll over to 0001 at each 10K, with no cxoresponding dir number change, and unless you have a huge cards are always a directory of 100, 101, and maybe 102.
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abieleck, Like Hayward said the number is the same as the number of the picture, ie imgp2879jpg. To find the exif data, when you open the picture with whatever program you are using, right click on the picture, click on properties and the data will either be there or there will be a place that says exif data. Hope this helps.

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for exif info on your machineusing XP, rt clik the file, choose properties, choose summery tab, choose advanced.

for online images d/l opanda
it'll give you a rt clik option to view the exif if it's there.

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