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Being aware of the Cokin Filter System, but not thinking that I needed the bulk of it compared to screw-on filters.........

I recently found out that many of the photographers who are using graduated neutral density filters in order to "freeze"" moving water to give it that soft, milky, surrealistic appearance do so with the Cokin P-size System..

Doing some research I found the following links to be helpful:





Upon reaching the Earthbound Light link go to the Sept 1, 2002 listing for Essential Filters: Neutral Density and Graduated ND

Even after the research I am puzzled at the exact means of attaching the filter holder to each lens with a different size filter thread..

As I understand things you would need a Cokin filter holder & a Cokin adapter of the appropiate size..Is this correct??

Thesecond link above also mentions needing to use a step-up ring in addition to the filter holder & adapter, and this is where I become confused..

My current selection of lenses have filter threads of 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm,77mm, & 82mm..

I already have all of the appropiate step-up rings as I have opted to purchase only two circular polarizers; a 67mm & a 82mm..

If sometime in the future I was to purchase a Cokin P-Size Filter System exactly what components would be needed, & how much is interchangeable between the different filter thread sizes??..

For those photographers who use the Cokin System, do you own & use any screw-on filters??..

Thanks, Bruce

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I do not have them but something I read is that the Cokin P would vignette on wide-angle lenses such as 12-24mm at the widest. Some recommended their Cokin ZPro system instead or the much more expensive Lee system. Otherwise, I am quite interested as well to hear about others experience with any such system.

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Old Jun 20, 2007, 6:16 PM   #3
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I use the P Cokin system with ND filter and my Sigma 17-70mm lens with my K10D. It works super on landscapte photos. Great system at reasonable pricing.
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So what is the front of that lens????

FL doen't necessarily matter but the front element size will. What is the filter ring size?
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I occasioanlly use Cokin filters, both the P and the A series. They are adifferent size but do the same thing.

You only need one holder as the mounting ring clips into the back of the holder, you have to have the matching size ring.

Therefore I have a number of mounting rings to fit my different size lenses.

You normally do not need step up rings.

Basic components are one filter holder, one mounting ring for each front diameter
of lens and the filter(s).


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Old Jun 22, 2007, 8:49 AM   #6
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Thanks for the clarification!!

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Old Jun 22, 2007, 10:10 AM   #7
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I use the P system with my K100D. I have the 52mm ring for my kit lens and 50-200mm. I also bought a stepdown ring (52mm to 49mm) so I can use it with my FA 50mm. I use the system with a graduated filter to allow me to get detail in a landscape without blowing out the sky. Works well for me...
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Well, I've got a holder like that with a lens the other day...don't have any filters for it though:roll:

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I use the A series for lens with a 62mm and under outer lens size. They work great for landscapes.

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