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According to Ray Maxwell (Retired Electronics Engineer, Color Scientist, Speaker and Teacher) the only 'Colour Aware Browser' is Safari.

When it is out of beta we will all be able to use it.


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thanks for the link, at least now I've seen the difference between sRgb and the other profiles.

got the public beta running on XP without any problems.

I mostly use it as an extra test to see how web layouts look on different browsers.
This one gives me the possibility to see the result on a pc and not on a mac.

I still have to noticed iits color awareness, on the web
What I mean is that I don't see a difference between Safari, firefox, opera, ie.
  • have been surfing a lot to find a difference and my colorsight must be worthless[/*]
  • also because lots of images are in the sRGB colorspace and all other browsers are sRGB aware :-), and I don't think webdevelopers anywhere on the world are going to go for richer colors when there are still people who will see a crippled site.
The extensions available for firefox makes that my favourite browser, and because many use ie (that one my second) - got an extension that uses ie to render pages in firefox so I don't have to switch browsers.

They'll have to enhance Safari a lot to get it among my fav/most used browsers.

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I use a Mac and I can see the difference between Safari and Firefox with Safari giving much richer colors. I really didn't know that before I just compared the two.

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