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ishino wrote:
anyone have a clue as to why they remove the tires and put the car up on blocks?

thanks for sharing!
While it may not Be apparent in the pictures, the Windshield is gone also. This is how they get the car occupants talking and looking.
This is what I was told. There is a camera truck in front that films the road ahead like they were driving and then it is Dubbed together.
While i was not able to get pictures, later that day. they were driving a real car up and Down the road. And there was a Camera truck either ahead or behind taking pictures.


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I just checked imdb.com (great movie site BTW)& here's the plot of "Old Dogs"

Two friends and business partners find their lives turned upside down when strange circumstances lead to them being placed in the care of 7-year-old twins.

So I guess that explains the kids in the back seat. What I thought was curious was the guy in the Hawaiian shirt with the slr camera in the #3 shot.I guess they can never have enough shots of themselves???

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