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I recently found two things apparently wrong with my k10d and wanted to see if anyone has had similar issues.

1. Focus: I tend to use user selected focus, where you can move the focus point around to all 11 places. For the last while, I've been taking some really bad pictures focus-wise where there shouldn't have been a problem. So, I printed out that NIkon d70 focus sheet that's been floating around the web and went to work testing. Basically I just took shots while focusing with different focus points. What I found was that center focus was the only accurate focus point. ALL of the others focused closer to the center than the red-dot indicated. You could say the red dot, when not centered, was an exageration of the true distance from the center of the viewfinder. So, I was glad that my camera can still focus well, but alarmed that center was the only position for which the red dot spoke true. I tested this on two lenses with the same results.

2. Hitting lowest aperture in Av, M modes: I just very recently noticed that when in M mode, I can't make the aperture go to the lowest value (1.4 for my 50 mm lense). It'll only go to 1.6. However, if I switch to Av, it has no problem going to the bottom. If I put it in Av, drop the aperture to 1.4, then go to M, it'll stay in 1.4, but as soon as I focus it, it jumps to 1.6. After taking pictures, the INFO screen confirms that the aperture only went as low as 1.6. I can use the aperture ring, but then the f value is not recorded in INFO when I take pictures. All of this behavior was consistent to one of my other lenses as well.

Anybody had issues like these? My k10d is under warranty.
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As far as your first problem - the indicators are approximate on most cameras (not just Pentax). The other thing to remember is thatnot all of the other focus points are on two axis - most of them aresingle axis so they won't be as able to lock focus as well as the center point(but that's anotherstory, and I don't remember which are what). If theyare way off and you don't mind being without the camera, try sending it in (the worst that will happen is they'll say it is within specs).

I don't know about your second problem as I only use M mode with manual lenses, not with my auto exposure lenses (if I have difficult exposure situations I'll use spot metering, lock the exposure and then reframe. Your way is probably easier/better but it takes more thought). Not sure if I'd be able to tell much as I don't have an AE lens faster than f2.8.
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Just a thought, how are your EV steps setup?

Depending on whether they are 1/2 or 1/3 stops, affects the apertuere - I think!

Just a guess

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I tested my K10D with my FA-50 f/1.4 and found it indicates and holds f/1.4 in both manual and AV modes. It didn't matter whether the EV increments were set to third or half stops (as you would expect considering that f/1.4 is a full stop value). Which of the 50/1.4 lenses were you using?


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Greg, I was using the more recent model of the 50mm 1.4. ....I think I solved the problem #2 for now, although somewhat ignorantly. I was curious what my firmware revision was and found it to be 1.00. So, I just flashed it to 1.30. I didn't even know that I could use a wheel to control ISO in Av and Tv (and M too maybe?)! Wow, I'm excited. Anyway, after doing this, still had the problem #2, so I reset all of the settings and the problem went away. Later, I'll check the focus again to see if it could have been a firmware quirk. Thanks for your comments everyone!
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The red dot's are only indicators and have completely no correspondence with the correct focus spot. This is something that Pentax camera's always had. Now I don't know about the rest. Don't read to much of their forums.

Don't have the 50mm 1.4, but the 1.7 and I don't see any difference in the f settings when changing the EV steps. Tested it with a k20D, my k10d is waiting at the shop after some weeks of repair.

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