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Great series Harriet,

nr's1 , 2 are marvelous macro shots , but I do like the wideangle shot in nr4 best.

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mtngal wrote:

The funny thing about the sand dollar is that I'm used to findingshells on the beach. What surprised me was the live sand dollar display at the Monterey Aquarium. For some reason I assumed that they would lie flat on the sand, like the shells that watch up on the beach. However, that's not at all the way they live. This isn't a very good picture, but it shows that they live on one end, not flat. Thought that was really interesting.

This was really a standing ovation from last night's concert…

nice shots Harriet!

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Standing ovation?:lol::lol::lol: It does rather look like that, doesn't it?

The funny thing about the wide-angle shot is that I took several with the DA12-24 andwith the exception of this one, they were really sort-of half-hearted efforts. I wasn't particularly feeling inspired about the beach (which is actually unusual for me) and was trying harder to capture something useful with the 50-135. I took some with the 12-24 just on a lark, to play around with the lens. When I got back, I found that I liked all of the wide-angle shots much better than most of the shots I took with the other lens - those were for the most part very boring. The macros were from the next morning, when I decided to focus more. Shells made sense since it was very overcast and grey (Monterey always seems to be that way when we go there for some reason) and they gave me something to focus on.

Moral of this tale is that it pays to keep an open mind when looking for photo ops, and my best pictures are ones that are fun.
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