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NonEntity1 Jul 27, 2008 1:09 PM

This is always a timely topic as I think we forum members tend to enable each other in our gear acquisitions! I started out buying any manual focus "sleeper" lens with a good reputation and ended up with quite a bit of duplication. Four 50mm primes, three 135mm primes, two 28mm primes, two AF 70-300mm lens plus a MF 100-300 f/4, and the list went on. I ended up selling about ten lenses that were surplus to my needs but I still have a couple of lenses I have barely used or not used at all. I also kept some duplication as my wife and I are now both shooting with Pentax cameras.

On the flip side, I find myself sometime reaching for lenses that I may have previously placed on the "sell" list. We are currently on vacation at the beach and I have found that the Sigma 24-135mm lens hastheperfect zoom range for shots of the kids at the beach, but I have not used this lens for the better part of a year (though my wife uses it regularly).

Before you get rid of anything I would spend some time with each lens and see if it has a niche in which it is superior to anything else in your kit. If the lens is totally eclipsed by other lenses, than sell it. But if it has its niche and you get rid of it, you will probably find a need for it three days after you sell it.


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