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Long johns for 55! Dawg, you disappointed me. I thought you were tougher than that. :-) Try living in New England.
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bigdawg wrote:
Geez....Don't start that stuff yet...We are getting a small blast from there tonight...55 degrees right now...Had to dig my long Johns out!!

Yeah, but it was HOT! HOT! in Tuscaloosa last night. Gotta luv the last 2 minutes of that game. Roll Tide!
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I don't know so much about the beautiful - weather is nice but the mountains are all very brown. There's a big fire by Big Bear, luckily a very long way from me.

Got up this morning and was surprised by the outdoor thermometer - it was in the mid 30's. Frost on the roof of the house below me! It won't last but sure was welcome (autumn can't come soon enough for me).
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they are excellent photos
you can feel the cold brrrrrr
we rarely get frost, so my chances of such photos is near nil
and i doubt i would get up early enough either

i could do with 85, its seems to have been a long wet winter here
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