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I used a Canon 5D at my last job. It was an impressive camera, but not a fun one to use. It had a pretty inadequete LCD screen that while big, was pixelated and orangey. It's interface was nice, but it seemed like the build quality should have been better for that price. And while a full frame sensor can be nice for low light, when you have plentiful light it's really annoying when F/22 still doesn't have enough depth of field, something that was never a problem when I used a Digital Rebel for the same photography.
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I don't think you will find Cannon or Nikon going down the body IS route, simply because the AF on their cameras is faster, and there are a lot of IS lenses out there.


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He buys a semi-pro canon EOS with a half decent L series lens and still finds things to sh*t on.

what an idiot
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Let us not speak ill of the departed. He was a source of much technical information, albiet with equal amounts of angst. It may be more 'interesting" on Canon forums from now on.

As for the comments here on Canon 5D versus anything Pentax, let us not also be guilty of the sins of he who is now departed. Let us instead dwell upon photography from a qualitative standpoint, as an art, rather than from a quantitative standpoint, as a techno-junkie's fix.

I have seen both positive and negative points in past discourses and I believe RiceHigh has finally listened to his own, often repeated, advice and moved to the "better" system. May he find happiness there (although I seriously doubt it).

Perhaps now he will have more time for taking pictures. Please take this writing in the spirit it was meant to convey, Godspeed, be happy, we will carry on.

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I agree with Ira. May everyone find their perfect camera and just enjoy taking pictures. May we all emphasize the positives and deal with the negatives (there is no such thing as a "perfect" camera). I might light a candle in thanksgiving for this little blessing, though.
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Well in this case it is sort of like searching for the HOLY GRAIL. Only in photography he is still searching for the MAGIC BULLET....

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Ira, forever the moderator. :bye:

I agree with you.
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May he do for Canon everything he has done for Pentax.
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