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Will a Oly FL50 flash work on the K10D or will I have to but a new flash? I've looked but can't seem to find this information.

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Hi d-sr,

Your Oly flash will work with the K10, but not in any dedicated modes. For Auto Mode, you'll have to pre-set the ISO and aperture, then shoot within the distance range for Auto Mode for that setting. You will have a number of optional settings for different conditions and distances, and the flash should cover most situations pretty well. The other option would be to learn the Guide Number drill or use a flash meter and use the flash in full Manual Mode.

The one caveat is that you need to know the triggering voltage for your flash. It's not listed at the most common resource for this, but the FL40 is good, and it's probably a good bet that your model is also, but I'd call Oly Tech and find out for sure. To be really safe, you want the trigger voltage to be less than 6 V:


The FL50 is a very nice flash from what I've heard (and imagine it wasn't cheap), but the limited automation shouldn't be too much of a handicap. There's actually an advantage to Auto Mode operation. It doesn't preflash, and that's been a problem for some as it makes about 10% of the people you might shoot always blink (either fully, or partially, giving that "lazy eye" look).

If you're likely to want some of the advanced features available for flash with the K10, like High Speed Synch for fill flash outdoors in daylight, Rear Curtain Synch to stop the motion blur on a long exposure at the end of the exposure, or metered remote wireless operation, you're going to have to spend some money on a Sigma or Pentax dedicated flash gun. I also doubt that the AF assist light will work, but it might. . .

I'd try using it in this mode, see if it works for you, then can decide if you want to get a more sophisticated flash for the Pentax system.

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